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I am week to week with my schedule, so I can't commit just yet.  Thanks for setting this up.
Just in case you didn't get a notice, I PM'd you.
Maybe PM Keithpgdrb and see if he can send something out to the Chicago list.  I'm sure there are some from that crowd that would be interested.  Zach from ZMF has a Decware amp so he might want to show up with his headphones.     Not sure if I can make it (depends on the date), but if I did, I could bring a modded HD650, Valhalla 2, and whatever DAC I have by then (currently a LHLabs GOV2 Infinity).
Ton of info and great people who can help in the DIY sub-forum.  There are a couple threads there you can search.
Wow.  Would be an interesting sale to go to.  Too bad I'm out of town this weekend.
Thanks again to Keith for setting this up. Was fun to see old friends, meet new ones, and safely ride two ways in a small van with an alarming lack of windows. Heard some great stuff, and was happy to confirm that my gear is good enough for now and if I were to get another set of headphones it would be the HD800s again, though Zach's Cherry Omni was good enough to tempt me.
And don't forget to heartily thank Keith for setting this up when you see him.  He likes manly bear hugs.
Did we get any confirmations on snacks and drinks?
That would be great!
The washing of hair, and the reduction of hair product used is also appreciated to preserve the sanctity of headband and earpads.  I remember back at the last major ChiUniFi wincing as a rather oily/sweaty guy put my pristine HD800s on his head.  He wasn't a regular so, I have no idea who he was.  He really liked the HD800 out of the first gen Vali though.  
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