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I run my abyss through my moon and never get above 50 either even when really loud - going to defiantly be a setting in your Mac software causing it!
DAC can be optionally installed down the track, so perhaps they just had the 430HA in stock and are adding the DAC for you, same thing - it would actually cost them more that way but I think you may get it quicker if they didn't have the HAD already.
My guess is on $1799 😉
Honestly haven't seen any issues with the build on the HE-1000, have played with quite a few units myself and gone through a lot but no returns as of yet, if you have had multiple issues it is very strange!
Violectric V281 for now.. but it's a Moon 600i in the future; had the V281 already so at least a reasonable stop-gap! Have tried the Bryston 4BSST2 which was very good too however, but the 600i Is still the way I will go methinks :)
Have finally joined the club Glad to be here..
Already finished their last run a little while ago, unless someone orders enough to do a full batch It seems a no-go at this stage!
I'm thinking 780D down the line too 👍Wanting to use the 600i integrated as a headphone amp, so a two stack would be nice..
I'm thinking about a Moon 600i for these.. Why not?
No need to worry, it's still on display every day in store :)
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