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Honestly haven't seen any issues with the build on the HE-1000, have played with quite a few units myself and gone through a lot but no returns as of yet, if you have had multiple issues it is very strange!
Violectric V281 for now.. but it's a Moon 600i in the future; had the V281 already so at least a reasonable stop-gap! Have tried the Bryston 4BSST2 which was very good too however, but the 600i Is still the way I will go methinks :)
Have finally joined the club Glad to be here..
Already finished their last run a little while ago, unless someone orders enough to do a full batch It seems a no-go at this stage!
I'm thinking 780D down the line too 👍Wanting to use the 600i integrated as a headphone amp, so a two stack would be nice..
I'm thinking about a Moon 600i for these.. Why not?
No need to worry, it's still on display every day in store :)
You have the Mk1? While a great DAC it Wasn't perfect by any means The mk2 was a big step up and then they have the new musette coming very soon also while is using his new transient modules !
Give in to the temptation :)
Have ordered them but nothing has arrived quite yet!
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