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You must have come on friday, you missed the Stax SR-009 and Blue Hawaii combo also plugged into the Da Vinci :)
The violectric is quite a bit more powerful through balanced is it not? as it is using both of the amplifiers inside..
Great, will get to have a listen this week then :)
 Prototype Z - LCD-Z? Would make sense as LCD-X..
Need to buy it - suspension strap and improved? Can't wait..
I think the main issue is to have the balanced out requires the use of both amplifiers - splitting that signal would cut the power in half i would think as it would have to double the load?   That would in the end make it the same as having single ended outs again..   Plus unfortunately both will be at the same volume so you would need to have two of the same headphone to be able to take use of it without being too loud for someone else. I stand to be corrected...
High End amps i would recommend..   Woo Audio WA2 (for tubes) Sennheiser HDVD800 (need to run balanced) Auralic Taurus MKII (Need balanced too) Violectric V281 (Balanced as well, has optional DAC) Schiit Ragnarok too perhaps? Havent tried this one yet   All bar the HDVD800 are standalone amps which would require a DAC too but are very good amps for the HD800 in my experience.
You still haven't tried STAX or the Abyss :P
HD800 has proven itself to be very sensitive to source once again,   PS Audio DirectStream in the house at the moment..
Nad M51 Bryston BDA-2 McIntosh D-100   Another three to add :)
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