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Install minimserver on the synology there will make your life a lot easier
That is line out mode :)
I think purrin is being very pedantic, he Isn;'t stating any "Major" flaws and says it is a great headphone; which is a big step above how other headphones are at stock for him :)
Thanks! The unit really does look as good as it sounds or is it the other way around? Either way both points are top notch, the case that comes with it is awe-inspiring quality wise too. Been enjoying it with my W60's The sound that is coming from this thing is full bodied but clear and oh-so-smooth across the whole range What a great piece of kit!
Finally got myself a good DAP - my first dap - who woulda thought? 😄
Thanks appreciate it glad to be of help, feel free to hop in any time you need anything else or just flick me a pm
Still 50/50 on the name here but we will see What do you think there?
That salesman was me 😉 It was an Resonessence Labs invicta Mirus running via USB
Tried replacing the fuse?
Isn't it.. "Good things come to those that wait" Or "Patience is a virtue"
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