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That is I, hope you like your abyss
I can't see you having an issue The violectric has a big enough psu to allow for all three outputs to be used simultaneously anyway!
They all have the same hardware it is just different on the software side I am meaning the firmware on the unit itself not the iPad app too?
The 2.4 firmware update did allow it to create its own wifi network for setup, yours must have been on an older firmware They have improved it a lot with the updates as of late!
The prices sound a about right They should be released early July from what I have seen..
Looks like a WyWires Red headphone cable :) ^^ Damn beat me to it!
Ether has already been back ordered for myself...
Install minimserver on the synology there will make your life a lot easier
That is line out mode :)
I think purrin is being very pedantic, he Isn;'t stating any "Major" flaws and says it is a great headphone; which is a big step above how other headphones are at stock for him :)
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