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Tried replacing the fuse?
Isn't it.. "Good things come to those that wait" Or "Patience is a virtue"
Don't forget about Munich High End Show in May.. ;)
The aries is a very good unit ;)Been using one myself that i picked up recently.. great unit.
Glad to see you are enjoying it :)It is indeed a great amp, need a better headphone to really do it justice - methinks HE-6 will be a great match; or an audeze..
@jsgraha Should be able to help you out with that one :)
Only problem is if you think the HEK is going to be expensive the Sennheiser may surprise even then ;) (from what i have heard)
 LCD-3F for me over X - prefer the tonality, the x just isn't for me; although still sounds great with the right setup. Delve into the Abyss :D That is what i plan on...
Very strange, Is it not to do with the seal of the cups on your head?As mentioned previously in this thread, if there is not a very light seal or something close to the driver it can cause a flapping noise. But if it is still happening it may be best to ask JPS labs to see if it is OK?
Have you tried the same track from a different source - not tidal?
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