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Just pulled my shures out of a pile of books and the bit that connects headband to earphone bit broke ,plastic bit flew away ...   What should i do now that one side of the phones is dangling ? Ask shure if they can repair ? or are there any repair shops in hong kong who will fix these kind of problems?
I'm 16 and have customs ,personally I dont think it changes that much although i've only had them for like 3-4 months.
Get a pair of triple fi 10 for like 100 to 150 usd and get it remould ,proberly the best sound quaility of customs you'll get under  300usd.
How is the soundstage on them what is it comparable to?
Guitar:washburn wi67pro ,cube 15 amp ,boss metal distortion pedal,some other multi fx pedals.     Dj,numark speakers not sure what model      numark axis9(decks)      numark m2(mixer)      traktor kontrol s4(controller)      srh750 dj   Thats about it i think   Hey MorbidToaster what headphones do you use for djing?
mbp >srh750  i can hear first illustration.
Struggling to chose between these and the superlux... which one should i get?
Is there going to be a volume control in zo v2?
Maybe try writing a question that make sense will help.
is there anything physically loose ? try shaking the iem gently and see if you can hear any thing ,other than that it may be something wrong with your drivers or source.
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