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 That looks incredible. I was able to show up at parbaked's beautiful home for Sunday Gravy Night last night. Here are some of his Past Gravy Nights. Thank you, parbaked. I can now sleep soundly at night--and during the day too. parbaked first browned some incredible cuts of meat. And the rest is history:    
I'm coming. Is it too late to show up at your doorstep at 6:30? I'll make it home okay.
 Dang. You know me too well. I'll pass on this invite (once again). I'm making Kung Pao Chicken tonight. Have fun and tell Kate I said hello. I haven't met Dave yet. I just took a blueberry clafoutis out of the oven. It is cooling under the window sill. :) Enjoy your Sunday evening. Give Midori a kiss. Pat Wilma on the butt. And high-five yourself. ;) 
^ Sweeeeeet!   I'll be right over!
Stavros! parbaked delivered your gift to me last night over pizza, wine, and martinis.   Thank you for the beer mug. It holds a can of beer perfectly! See....  
Okay. This is not the best in the culinary-achievements food category; however, it is one of the most creative concepts within the realm of foods that require assembly by tossing and turning in a big plastic bag then poured into a vessel to be eaten.  
 Those tubes were $10 each about a year ago.
I am still loving mine, too. How are the C3g tubes selling these days? Still very affordable?
Waiting to see how parbaked's wonder amp by Glenn will look like. Actually, wanting to hear it.
 Since he replaced the switch few weeks after I bought the amp (I am the original owner), it cost me nothing. He even took care of the shipping costs both ways. He's a very nice guy.
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