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Design Features- Single Ended pure class A mono block power amplifier- only one voltage gain stage- power military grade type direct heated triode-GM100 (N.O.S.) - most powerfull triode globally ever produced for audio- DC coupled circuit (only output transformer on signal path)- CE comfortable regarding maximum DC operating voltage - 170 W of pure class A @4ohms or @8ohms- zero global feedback configuration- high capacitance in power supply resulting to over 500joules of ...
WTF? Saw this on AudiogoN.  
I'm getting this one tonight.
 A mimosa served in an infinity glass, no doubt. ;)
Sad sight, indeed. I've done that many times to my wine glasses.
Del Popolo is opening a brick & mortar pizzeria a block from my apartment. Oh boy!   The site   The InsideScoopSF   The Truck!  
Buttermilk fried chicken with sour cream and peach salsa.  
 I'm up for it. What time did you want to meet at LiPing? What time is dinner tonight?
Last night a friend made duck confit and I made a pineapple upside-down cake.  
 Wow. Nice. Wish I could try some. ;)
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