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 I think you gave me 4 of them and I've used 2. So I must have 2 somewhere. I just have to look for them.
An Alternative to the SL-1200 CNET Review by Steve Guttenberg Pioneer PLX-1000: A DJ turntable an audiophile can love? Pioneer's new super-solid PLX-1000 turntable shakes up the Audiophiliac.    
I was asked to fix an iMac in exchange for a home-cooked meal. I accepted the challenge. The computer has been fixed; I am happily fed.   Braised Eggs with Lamb, Tahini, & Sumac Oh, and a side of spinach pomegranate salad.  
 Ah. With your guidance, please show me how to solder in a resistor. You've helped me solder before. There is no reason not to do it again.
Sure. I love to look at your creative innards, Dr. Glenn! 
Congrats magiccabbage! Did you get any of the upgrades? Currently the Woos I own are the WA4 (2004), WA4 (2011), WA22, WA6, and I sold my WA2 with Black Gate Caps. I think there's room in my apartment for a WA5 but I'll have to wait to speak to Ultrainferno. He has the best advice ever (for beer and for audio equipment). Oh yes, and for chocolates, too.
It has always been that way but has become more noticeable at low the volume setting since I've been using sensitive headphones like the Denon D7000. It not as noticeable with the Beyer DT900 600 Ohms.
 G.E. 6AS7GA6SN7GTSylvania 3DG4 I agree that the Goldpoint stepped attenuator is an excellent volume pot but I have no soldering skills. I owned a Woo Audio 2 that had a Goldpoint (and Blake Gate caps!).
I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!   Glenn, my Glenn Amp OTL has high gain and the volume gets loud quickly. The left channel is slightly louder than the right until I turn up the volume and then it is too loud to listen to comfortably when both channels are balanced. Is there a tube that you can recommend to bring the gain down? The amp is mighty fine and built like tank (almost weighs as much as one too!).
Thanks, longbowbbs. Beautiful. Yesterday I got these photos from my friend living in Leicester, MA. I miss snow. 
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