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 ]eep: You do have a wealth of valuable information. Perhaps I do at times draw conclusions more from my emotions and by association than from logic. You know, for instance: Since a good trusted friend of mine likes a certain restaurant then for sure I know that I'm going to like it too. Sometimes it turns out NOT to be a good restaurant though. I am human; I am flawed and that's okay with me. :)
 :) I've always been fascinated with this design concept. What do you think of its mechanization? 
 Wow. That's quite an inventive use of the Technics SL-1700mk2. And I would have never thought of using VHS tape as a belt.
 ... a strange conclusion based on a Facebook picture. Say what? It was a conclusion (my conclusion) drawn from years of respect that I've had for DG--that's all. No more, no less. Now can I have a chocolate cookie and enjoy it without someone telling me it's bad for me. Except for maybe my mother (who actually baked it for me) ;) Hehehe.
 Well you have outlined very good points and were very fortunate to be around those great TTs of the past. I have no idea why Deutsche Grammophone would be nostalgic about a Japanese TT, just a bad assumption, I guess, judging from that photo I posted. Well, back in the closet goes the SL1200 (and it's the last time I'll mention it unless I forget in the future which I tend to do). ;) I need a shot of jajum!
 As I recall, the SL1200 turntable was released in 1972, 42 years ago. Back then it was considered a high-end turntable. Maybe that was the TT of choice for DG back then--nostalgia. So what was high-end then is now DJ quality?
 You ought to set up a few bedside systems in your guest room.  ;)
Deutsche Grammophone showcases their new vinyl releases on a Technics turntable. Interesting. I guess if it good enough for DG, it should be good enough for me. I'm digging mine out of my closet. I bought it in 2009 and only used it for a month. Of course I've got to find out which cartridge they use. ;)  
 Hehehehe. It is very good. Over the top is good! :)
I did a little window shopping last Saturday with #parbaked. Had fun fun fun. This turntable, although, was a little over the top.
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