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I just returned from Hawaii. I had a wonderful meal with my niece and her boyfriend at Stage.   FIVE SPICE SOY BRAISED PORK with Garlic Chips, Crispy Hasu (Lotus Root), Ginger-Scallion Porridge, Ho Farms Stir Fry, Shiitake Mushrooms, Chili Aioli. The best ever!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN!!!   I baked you a cake but ate it all this morning so we'll have find something to do later this weekend. Just to be bad boys in a good way (no way!).  
Behave! I'm having breakfast in a sports bar in Waikiki. Isn't that right, Steven?
I've taken inventory. Aloha and mahalo.
 Glenn made me that adapter 4 years ago. I've purchased several of those 5Z3 tubes stashed away somewhere and have forgotten which ones I have. The 5Z3 does look a bit strange sitting on an adapter when next to other tubes (not on adapters). At least on my WA22.
Hi. I'll be in Hawaii on Thursday. I'm visiting my mother. She is getting on in years and I'll be there to keep her company and make her remember all of the good things I did as a son! (That's a chore in itself). I'm staying at a hotel across from the Honolulu Zoo--my favorite park to contemplate my next amp and plate lunch from a grand old food truck while communicated with the monkeys. My flight takes off at around 9 AM. So wave bye-bye if I fly over your house. Well,...
I spent a wonderful evening with parbaked and his family eating great Italian food, drinking good wine, and listening to the smooth sounds of Sheryl Crow on his fabulous tube amp. Hey parbaked -- what's the make and model of that new tube amp of yours?   Anyway, about halfway through dinner I said "I need another Glenn Amp!" and then quietly asked for another glass of wine.   Steven! Thanks for dinner!
This was my foray into GlennAmp Territory. The conversation with Glenn went as such:   Glenn, please build me an amp for $x.   He did and I have been happy ever since--right parbaked?   You've got to trust the Master.
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