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Thanks, U   After moving half of my amps from my closet to my bedroom, I decided to put those monos to work again with the Decware CS2+
By far the best sounding rectifier in my GlennAmp Mono Blocks. On the left: Mullard GZ37 / CV378.  
I see. 7N7 -> 6DE7. It's good to be able to use other tubes with the right adapters.
I followed this Gà Rôti recipe, exactly. And that scallion oil is fantastic on everything. It probably would have been fantastic over your pork belly bowl. I made this Saturday night.   On Sunday evening I made some beef spareribs. I cooked them for 3 hours. Yummy!  
^ Pudu, that is beyond awesome!   My dinner was Vietnamese Gà Rôti. I baked it in the oven which is not the traditional way to do it but I turned out great.  
Amp rolling again. Back in rotation is my GlennAmp Mono Blocks with the CSP2+ Stereo preamp by Decware.   Oh, yes, and with Diana on an easy Sunday evening.   Cheers!  
 That is what I like about those plates too. Exactly. And the sound is an extra bonus too! ;)
 Great! Thanks for checking. I wonder, technically, what (chemical recipe) would make the plates black. And why they would manufacture some with grey plates and some with black plates. It's a lost art and lost recipe. Nevertheless, that is the coolest looking tube, I think.
Nice. Very very nice.I've noticed that your plates are grey.The plates are black on my 5Z4GY tubes.When did they start producing grey plates?  I wonder if the sound stage differs between the black plates and grey plates.
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