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 This looks yummy. Especially with all that rice to soak up that delicious curry. I could dig into this one every day. My mother used to make curry stew on the weekends and this reminds me of it. Ahhhhhh.  Your "most delicious meal" is something I would love to eat. I've had everything you've mention except pickled tomatoes (and not all on the same plate). What is your favorite smoked fish? I like smoked kippers. I've had really great fish in The Netherlands like herring,...
Hello, Gang! Hi, Icenine2!   Another new year on the way! I'll be listening for it on my LF!
Eat well. Drink sensibly. Listen to your (ears' and) heart's content! I am looking forward to 2017!
Big food, big family, big love. Good to see that Glenn and Stavros continue to perpetuate all that is family—be it amps, food, company or otherwise.
And I must say, parbaked's dinner was incredible. The wine was also above the norm. parbaked is the perfect buddy be it pizza or music.
Hamburger sous vide. I forgot the lettuce.
Cool project. I happened upon this rotating barrel of basking basil plants while on a personal city walk.  
The making of a great breakfast.   Chicken enchiladas.      
Now it is this that I want to make: http://www.theskintfoodie.com/the-skint-rarebit.html
Your stuffed pepper dish looks delicious.   I haven't made stuffed peppers before but have always been intrigued about stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce. I may try stuffed something this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: