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Does anyone have any internal pictures of the WA234 Mono. Or do you need a blowtorch to open it up? ;)
 It's an optical illusion, my friend.That cable sweeps past that tube like comets sweep past the sun. (For the time being.)Besides, that tube never gets hot. I can touch it and not get burned. 
^ Thanks! Here is a closeup of the Trio. They look good together. They sound good together. Now I'm all together!  
Sunday means that I need to do a little amp rolling. Tonight's shift. Decware Trio and Eddie Current headphone amp, Zana Deux SE.  
It is my trusty WA6. It is my trusty WA6 purchased in 2009.
 I travel to The Netherlands and Belgium every year and bring back bags of zout. The blast of salmiac salt reminds me of the ammonium rush I get after eating some strong cheeses. I do like the taste of Dutch licorice. I also love Filet Américain and kroketten, which is what I usually eat for lunch (among other things) in Amsterdam. 
We can get head cheese here in San Francisco, but I'm not sure that it is the real deal. I like head cheese which is made from the head of a pig or a cow set in aspic.   Dutch preskop:   German Sülze:
Wow. Filipinos know how to cook. Are you aware of this program?   A new season of "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown"
Tonight's setup. Listening to Yo-Yo Ma, Sing Home. Big monitor. Little amp. Big sound.  
I think they are both light red.
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