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The making of a great breakfast.   Chicken enchiladas.      
Now it is this that I want to make: http://www.theskintfoodie.com/the-skint-rarebit.html
Your stuffed pepper dish looks delicious.   I haven't made stuffed peppers before but have always been intrigued about stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce. I may try stuffed something this weekend.
A casual buffet luncheon delivery from Boulettes Larder to my work. Very healthy looking dishes they are!   My iPhone 6 pictures. With a steady hand.          
It is time to indulge in some spiced sashimi. Yum! Purchased at Bristol Farms in San Francisco.       So pack it up in a bento lunch box and take it to work!  
Carne asada topped with pickled jalapeños and a side of sweet & sour cabbage.   I felt like a spicy end to a Sunday dinner was in order.   Big meat! Big peppers!  
 I really like this tube, too.It is in four of my amps—Woo and non-Woo. 
Tonight's setup. June 4, 2016, 8:09 PM PDT. I may have done this particular combo before; I can't remember. But here it be....    
 I've only heard about this recipe; I've never eaten it and this is my first attempt at making it. I, too, am curious about the end result.
 That's the one. My friend, Stano, who is Czech, says he marinates his cheese for three weeks. Here's another recipe I referenced: http://ketodietapp.com/Blog/post/2015/02/27/Czech-Marinated-Cheese Stano serves it with some German bread and cranberry jam:
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