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Big food, big family, big love. Good to see that Glenn and Stavros continue to perpetuate all that is family—be it amps, food, company or otherwise.
And I must say, parbaked's dinner was incredible. The wine was also above the norm. parbaked is the perfect buddy be it pizza or music.
Hamburger sous vide. I forgot the lettuce.
Cool project. I happened upon this rotating barrel of basking basil plants while on a personal city walk.  
The making of a great breakfast.   Chicken enchiladas.      
Now it is this that I want to make: http://www.theskintfoodie.com/the-skint-rarebit.html
Your stuffed pepper dish looks delicious.   I haven't made stuffed peppers before but have always been intrigued about stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce. I may try stuffed something this weekend.
A casual buffet luncheon delivery from Boulettes Larder to my work. Very healthy looking dishes they are!   My iPhone 6 pictures. With a steady hand.          
It is time to indulge in some spiced sashimi. Yum! Purchased at Bristol Farms in San Francisco.       So pack it up in a bento lunch box and take it to work!  
Carne asada topped with pickled jalapeños and a side of sweet & sour cabbage.   I felt like a spicy end to a Sunday dinner was in order.   Big meat! Big peppers!  
New Posts  All Forums: