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It was a very pleasant flight. Too bad it didn't continue on to Brussels and Athens. ;)  
Yes. I am back to work. An E1000. You are generous. Let her go wild at the jewelry stores--you and S go wild any- and everywhere anyway. ;)
 I wore my Mullard T-shirt into the dining room and they recognized the logo.
I MISSED YOU ALL. I REALLY DID.Talked to some old military guys about tubes and they were really impressed. They were in their 80s and 90s. One guy was a pilot on a B-17 during WWII and another guy worked the torpedoes on a submarine. These guys were at my mother's care center. Really great characters. When I told them about the tubes in my amps they had no idea that they would still work. I told them that a light bulb would work decades later if they've never been used,...
I have returned to SFO. Here is my flight Hawaiian Airlines 12. From my iPhone. A video of me taking off this afternoon from HNL to SFO. Fun! 15 April 2014. Cocktails please!   I'm home!    
Thanks. I am on my way to airport right now. Actually in about 10 minutes.Do they serve mai tais at 9:30 in the morning?My iPad is loaded with music (I know... low tech equip) and I'm ready to fly!
 Thanks.Now I am very happy.
Hi all, I'm off to Hawaii to help with family matters. I've packed by bags with some goodies for mom, sis, and my lovely niece. I will be checking in periodically. I leave early tomorrow morning. I hope they serve a good breakfast on board. And cocktails, wink wink parbaked and Ultra. :)  
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