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Thanks Rob for all the details
There might be a lost of quality or sound differences depending on the quality of the adapter's connectors and type of cable it is. Some amps off the top of my head are woo wa22, DNA audio amp, Eddie current balance act, cavalli liquid gold.
I find it weird that it's priced so high in the USA. In Japan it's 1,500,000yen which is $12,500. Usually imported gear in Japan is more expensive then in USA.
You can always get a dual xlr to single xlr adapter or just buy a custom cable.
Maybe Rob Watts can give us more imformation. Does Dave use 4 FPGAs? What task does each one do? "Like Hugo, Hugo TT and 2Qute, this is another FPGA-code fest from Rob Watts. Four FPGAs sit at the centre of the Dave. Providing financial context at the 2015 Munich High-End Show launch, Watts contrasts the ~US$300 price of a single Xilinx Spartan FPGA chip with that of an off-the-shelf decoder from the likes or Texas Instruments or AKM, the typical cost of which cost is...
If they sound good for their price. I might need to buy one and get that purple frame spray painted.
Hi darinf,     Long time now see.  I'll try to make it this year.  I'll be in town.
Here's a really long and in depth review of Dave in Japanese. Comparing it to the nagra HD. Costing 2x as much in Japan. http://pansaku.exblog.jp/23717658/
I remember them being so confident early this year that they even release orders on beta test units. Don't think those beta units have shipped yet. And might not for many more months.
I tried these headphones 3 times before. First time was at a headphone meet in Taiwan. A person brought his personal Msb platinum iv stack with an Eddie current balancing act. Under noisy meet conditions and unfamiliar music. I thought they sounded good but unsure. They were definitely very comfortable. I talked to the owner a bit and he said changing the cable was very important to him. He said it made a big difference. So maybe some of you might want to give it a try. ...
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