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I also have an ultimate. But I can't justify buying another just to try out. Even if I don't like it, I'm stuck with my ultimate. No refunds. I'll trust your guys opinions. Side note. I still haven't gotten my survey or that bonus credit for spending money on last 48hrs or something. Did anyone else get that credit?
Just got back from Japan with my k812 and some new tubes
I just joined the club today. I listened to a few times before in Taiwan and last time I was in Japan. I was about to purchase from bic camera or e earphone, until I went to fujiya avic. They had the best deal by far and I purchased it instantly.
From memory, (haven't heard in about a yr. a friend useto bring them over all the time) I find that the hd800 to have too much sibilence with female vocals. I also don't like the u shape sound. The mids are a tad recessed compare to the lows and highs. I agree they it has great detail and separation and airiness. For vocals and jazz. I think the LCD-3 are great. I haven't tried the LCD-x much but those could be to your liking. I love my w3000anv also.
 I updated my mbp (late 2013) to 10.9.2 the other day and tried my AK120 in Dac mode and still no go.  Maybe AK will release a new firmware that will allow it to work now 10.9.2 is out. 
If you like. I'll call the shop on Taipei and ask for you. When I saw it locally 2 months ago. It was 40,000 nt I believe. Which is about $1380 usd. The Taipei shop, when I went last month had it, but I don't know the price. Should be the same for new. I was more interested in trying the LCD-x and xc which they just got.
I know that a high end headphone store in Taipei that has a few them new still. Or they did last month when I went.
Time for esw11ltd to get a cable change too? And see what happens
Yeah, I am surprised too. I saw a new 3000anv and esw11ltd locally last month still. Both are now gone. But in Taipei, a store said they had a few left. If anyone is looking for one. I can call them and see.
There's a few left in Taiwan. I saw a few new ones last month.
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