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Glad you like the suggestion. I think there only going to be 2-3k made. I like how they sound. Here's a simple frequency chart using an app on my phone of the esw9ltd
When my local shop got their Zx2.  I was planning to upgrade from my ak120 and getting the newer Audio Technica ESW9LTD.  I found the two sound really great together. Bought the AT on the spot since was limited and knew that I was going to Japan a few months later for the zx2.  
I'm going to pick a zx2 up in Tokyo in a few weeks. Would yodobashi or Fuji avic have better price? Last year I got my all k812 from Fuji avic for much cheaper. Also which case would you recommend? Oem Sony, dignis or ray out?
K thanks. Just making sure. Haven't been following much after placing an order for the wave last summer.
The LPS4 works with the wave too?
I don't know if the MIT will sound good.  But willing to give it a try. They are a well known brand with good review on the speaker cables.  I have a silver litz double helix and I think it better then the stock audeze.   Though it is much more of a hassle to take around then the stock cable.  If I take my audeze to demo something.  I usually take the stock cable.    Just wonder what type of cable Hifiman was using for their HE-1000.  Thought maybe they might have...
Any info on the type of cable hifiman went with? Let's say I decide to buy a he-1000. Is the cable good enough or should I consider having like the MIT audio Vero indiegogo terminated for it.
Sure,  I'm letting the esw9ltd burn in atm.
Ok thanks. I just figure maybe there was a firmware number or something.
Is there a way to tell which one has volume cap? I tried a few in Taiwan and thinking of buying one. Or Ordering from Japan.
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