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Ah that's how it works. Yeah I noticed my iPad dies like in about 16hrs compared to like 2d on my old system when I use it to burn in new headphones. Thanks for the info.
Mine feels just warm to touch.  I put one of those cooking thermometer on top of my Dave and it says 35 Degree C(room @ 24C).  It never gets hot.  That might be different when its in mid summer.   From what I noticed burn in makes a bit difference.  When I first got my Dave back in Jan.  It was a little bit harsh and had more sibilance with my AKG K812.  But now it has much less now.  To me Dave improved quite a bit since its first week.  I am past the 600hr mark.  To me...
Found a Japanese post on Dave. http://comiccune.jugem.jp/?eid=22&PHPSESSID=g64658gubcc32v2bc6k4imtbu5
Hi, I live in Taiwan but in Tainan in the south. You missed this store. https://www.pincha.com.tw They have the woo audio wa234 connected to a Meitner ma-1. This shop is next to the earshop you linked. Also guanghua digital plaza. This area has two buildings with all sorts of electronics. Cameras, headphones, computers etc. the older building has few smaller headphone stores with like the usual stuff. The new building has an area with vinyls and a collection of...
I think someone posted about using Dave with gsx  awhile back.  The amp in Dave is sufficient with all of my headphones even an old akg that's 600ohm. If you really want to use balanced then you can use the gsx over dave's amp.
Hmm I got everything but the Manual in mine.  Is there a warranty card or something important I need in it?  
I think I remember talking to the USA distributor and they said something like retailers aren't allowed to sell Dave online.  They said they let mine go since it was order way head of time.
Grats, Black looks nice.    I was wondering.  Did other people's Dave come with any booklets or anything?  That unboxing video showed a packet of papers.  I don't think mine came with anything like that.
I got to try the KSE1500 yesterday.  They fit really like just like the 846.  I used it paired with my iPhone and kaisertone app.  I was amazed how good it sounded.  It had good deep bass, clear mids and highs.  I found that other staxs I tried before have weaker bass then I prefer.  There was also quite a bit of sibilance to me in the highs.  I also found that the minor details and instruments weren't as noticeable as my UE PRM.  I think this could be the ES9018 DAC they...
What setting did you guys prefer for the cross feed with headphones? If Robb Watts could explain what cross feed 0-4 do? I would really appreciate it. I been playing with Dave directly to a pass lab xa30.5 + speakers. Just moved it back to headphone setup. Haven't gotten to play around much yet.
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