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Thanks for the tips.  I'll check out the Facebook site for that extra discount. I always thought all the bics and yodobashi would have the same price.  Didn't know they would have differences. 
Which tubes are you using with your LG?
Glad you like the suggestion. I think there only going to be 2-3k made. I like how they sound. Here's a simple frequency chart using an app on my phone of the esw9ltd
When my local shop got their Zx2.  I was planning to upgrade from my ak120 and getting the newer Audio Technica ESW9LTD.  I found the two sound really great together. Bought the AT on the spot since was limited and knew that I was going to Japan a few months later for the zx2.  
I'm going to pick a zx2 up in Tokyo in a few weeks. Would yodobashi or Fuji avic have better price? Last year I got my all k812 from Fuji avic for much cheaper. Also which case would you recommend? Oem Sony, dignis or ray out?
K thanks. Just making sure. Haven't been following much after placing an order for the wave last summer.
The LPS4 works with the wave too?
I don't know if the MIT will sound good.  But willing to give it a try. They are a well known brand with good review on the speaker cables.  I have a silver litz double helix and I think it better then the stock audeze.   Though it is much more of a hassle to take around then the stock cable.  If I take my audeze to demo something.  I usually take the stock cable.    Just wonder what type of cable Hifiman was using for their HE-1000.  Thought maybe they might have...
Any info on the type of cable hifiman went with? Let's say I decide to buy a he-1000. Is the cable good enough or should I consider having like the MIT audio Vero indiegogo terminated for it.
Sure,  I'm letting the esw9ltd burn in atm.
New Posts  All Forums: