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Thanks for the idea but that was first thing I tried last week. Sadly the damage pin are on the headphone side.
+1 I would like to join if its within OCT.
I just got off the phone with PioneerUSA and they said they are unable to help me with my Master1 and would have to contact Japan directly.  
Yeah I'll be contacting pioneer. I just got these a month ago in akihabara yodobashi. I asked at rmaf pioneer booth and he said try contracting pioneer support if they are able to help. He said they might not be able to since they were purchased in Japan.
I got good new and bad.     Good news is at RMAF I got my Master1 tested at audio precision.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1lc1CasoL7EMDAxN2FJRHppcmM   Bad news is my Master1 died after the event.  It worked fine at the show.  After I got home and plug the cable back inside,  left side had no sound.  Seems like the MMCX pin on the left side broke. :/
I forgot to mention that mine are number 891. So if they really are making only 1000. It soon be there.
I just joined the master1 club. I wanted them for awhile. Last few trips to Japan, I only saw an 2nd hand one with some damage to the cups. Most stores didn't have master1 in stock. This time yodobashi in akihabara had it and I decided to get them.
You can try different tubes or interconnect cables.
Ah that's how it works. Yeah I noticed my iPad dies like in about 16hrs compared to like 2d on my old system when I use it to burn in new headphones. Thanks for the info.
Mine feels just warm to touch.  I put one of those cooking thermometer on top of my Dave and it says 35 Degree C(room @ 24C).  It never gets hot.  That might be different when its in mid summer.   From what I noticed burn in makes a bit difference.  When I first got my Dave back in Jan.  It was a little bit harsh and had more sibilance with my AKG K812.  But now it has much less now.  To me Dave improved quite a bit since its first week.  I am past the 600hr mark.  To me...
New Posts  All Forums: