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I only got to try a few headphones with it.  It was busy at the show and other people wanted to try it also.  I tried only with a pre production ATH-R70x and 3000anv.  Both sounded good.  I love how it had so many impedence ports and the VU meters.  Very solidly built.  At 6k, I don't think I'll be able to get one though.  Hopefully that pricing is wrong and its somewhere more affordable.
Thinking of getting a pair of these to go with my esw11ltd. Or saving for the new Audeze EL8. I just got to try the EL8 over the weekend and I'm impressed with the quality build and sound. I also love the sound of the new esw9ltd. The joints and the new pads are a nice upgrade over the 11ltds.
Hi, I just got to try these this past weekend. First I loved how they look and they are pretty comfy. I found the mids and lows to be pretty good (tight and sharp) and the headphone is airy sounding. The seperation between instruments were extremely well. But overall it sounded kind of weird to me. Like a thin and empty sounding. Like the voices and bass are there but it's missing something and weight. They had a few magazines with reviews mainly from Europe. One had a...
I got to try this beauty over the weekend at a show in taiwan. It sounded really nice. The rep said it will be out later half of this year.
I found this with more internal pictures.  Not sure if anyone posted yet.
Hi, I also live in taiwan atm. But I live in tainan.
Hi, i have all the perks since the summer campaign. I don't know what was before. If you still want to compare.
I also have an ultimate. But I can't justify buying another just to try out. Even if I don't like it, I'm stuck with my ultimate. No refunds. I'll trust your guys opinions. Side note. I still haven't gotten my survey or that bonus credit for spending money on last 48hrs or something. Did anyone else get that credit?
Just got back from Japan with my k812 and some new tubes
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