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+1 have the A845, and that UI only lets you change the wallpaper. But that is fine for me.
I read once that the wooden box and the wooded stand of the ED 10 have higher production cost than the headphone itself. The ED 12 is lessons learned and comes in a very cheap package instead. But you never listen to the package, right?
This LOD cable works on the A845 and the F886 that I both own, so it should work on the A17 too.
If you are fine with the Sony and never listen to higher graded gear, you will not miss anything. But as you found HeadFi, you will upgrade sooner or later just out of curiosity.
No problem, we all have a life to live......
How do they compare to the Sony EX1000?
Did you contact the German HQ?
Oh mein Gott...... I would be interested, but I have my vacation trip starting on saturday...... you have the perfect offer @ the wrong time of the year for me.... I will check back on this issue in 2 or thee month....(just trying tho bring the price down....)
Hi Sorrodje, even though I am in Germany, I have not seen any Ultrasone in a shop. I am planning on rearranging my selection though. Could see me selling lots of my stuff around Christmas and then shooting for the ED 12.
You know he even gave beats a second chance, so why not the ED 12 or the Signatures. He once quoted that at least the Sig Pro is not totally bad....
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