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Hi let me show you an alternative cable for the DT1770: It is from FORZA AUDIOWORKS. It's the Noir HPC Mk2 made for AKG K702. Love it, nice behaving cable very well made for 149€. Not cheap, but miles ahead of the Chinese cables on Ebay and Amazon.
If it helps you, I own both the HD650 and the DT1770. It is easy to like them both very much. I find the DT1770 is the closed back headphone in the HD600/650 class that Sennheiser refuses to do since long. I mean they sound different, but represent both the affordable and well made middle class. I can wear both for hours without any fatigue.
I love the looks very much already! Let me set aside some money....
I attended the IFA last Year and could repeat it this Year. Ordered my DT1770 a few days after the visit and am still very happy with it. But the environment there is not good for testing out any open can. Simply because Yamaha was demoing their latest sound projector with the Movie Mad Max in an endless loop just around the corner. The new T1 could not be tested very good there, only the DT1770 isolated enough in this environment. Maybe I just order the DT1990 once...
I did the same on mine and on my coworker's one. I think the volume more than doubles. Just disable the sound device in active apps, then go back to the player screen, enter the sound settings, check either clear audio plus or sound settings and the uncap shall happen. you only get the uncap, the functions remain disabled. this needs to be repeated after a reboot.
May I ask, could you share the firmware? And does it have English language option?
HHi chontler, do you have a EU capped ZX1?
You need to turn off as much android apps as possible, then you get down to 1% loss over night.
I think it depends strongly on which kind of files you use. I use FLAC most of the time and have roughly 10 hours with my DT1770 on a normal volume around 40%. And I see only 1% drop over night.
Just remove all mirrors from your home. And your ears have no eyes,haven't they?
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