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Sennheiser IE 800 and Sony EX-1000 her, both are highly recommended.
I had the Sony Z7 and the Sennheiser HD 800 around for some time. Both were great and better in some regards as the DT1770 but the DT1770 is the best package for my demands. So I sold the others and keep the DT 1770 as my Jack of all Trades accompanied by the at least to me best open compromise, the Sennheiser HD 650.And I don't look for flaws first, I listen to my music wherever I want. That is what the DT1770 can do best at least to me.Btw it runs most of the time on the...
That is a very good question, indeed. Maybe if I make it to the Ifa in Berlin this year, I can find out. Last year I went there found the DT 1770 and placed my order. Still like it very much.
You know, what's the best I can say about my Sony MP3 players? They have zero no design flaws. You are not the beta tester for Sony, they just work as expected. Or better than expected....
It is self seviceable
Pro gear is always meant to be kind of portable. If you put them in the very small DT case from Beyerdynamic then they fit every backpack. The cable is easily detachable and can be coiled between the ear pads and the headband easily. I use the coiled cable for portable use. It is kinda heavy, but fits the bill for me as a short and not stubborn cable. I wear glasses all the time, what exactly is your problem?And yes my rather large earlobes also touch the ear pads, but I...
If you ask is the sound of the Z1 better than the A10, the sure yes it is. And by a large margin.
He only tested the DT-770 so far. But as they share the basic construction, I think you can take their measurements to get a good comparison with the T5p.
You might want to search for the genre basshead or best bass can in this community. There are some dedicated threads on HeadFi. For those guys the DT1770 means nothing.
You could go over to Inner Fidelity. Tyll did test both, the DT770 and the T5p first gen. He posted the graphs. I think you can use it for leakage comparisons of two new models in question.
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