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But didn't you get the cables fixed on warranty?
Joey, compared to the stock cable that is very well made aside from their length, how stubborn is the Kimber in comparison. The stock cable is zero stubborn for me, only too long at times.
Dear George,you might want to look at the Sony MDR -Z7. Then you might want to sell both Ultrasones to finance the Sony. As you hooked me onto the IE800, I just want to guide you to a much better can than the Ultrasones. I can tell that because I had the Sig Dj and still have the 550 PRO which is merely a DJ one in a different colour. Sold the Sig Pro last weekend and I am very happy about it. Btw, I also own the HD650, HD700 and the IE80. I simply owe you that advise 
I see you have the HD8 DJ. I just sold mine last weekend. The edge inside the cups was annoying to me and hurting a bit over time. But the build quality is top notch. Liked the bass a lot, but this seems to have a professional sound, not hifi oriented.
So how is the X2 in comparison?
First impression, the ZX1 bests my A15 and F886 be a good margin. even my 320 vbr AAC files sound great. Very good bass control and the rest of the spectrum is also fantastic. Stellar build quality of the device, the case that Sony gives you with the ZX1 is a real joke, because the side buttons cannot be presses at all. The leather flip case I got with it is from the best quality imaginable, very useful and beautiful. So I am very happy with the ZX1 from the start.
To me it is all kind of music, that touches my heart.As we have only one set of ears, for me one good headphone can do all my music from rap to classic.
It has arrived. The seller sent it filled with loads of music, 50% high res. He probably sold it because he ran out of memory. 110 Gb of music of which I probably like 80%. What a deal.
Sony is famous for discontinuing cans rather soon, that is all. So this is not the HD650 lifecycle.
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