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I tried it again today. Again nothing changed first place. But then I checked Clear audio + while I had music playing to make sure that the sound app is really disabled. Again the sound did not change at all. So the sound app was offline. But then it happened. I unchecked the useless Clear audio + stuff and the volume increased dramatically. Had to turn down from 80% to 30%. Wow that's amazing. All was done with my 250 ohm Beyer DT 1770.
The treble on the DT1770 have nothing in common with the treble of the Ultrasone ED 12 or PRO 2900/900. No those cans are examples for hot and peaky treble, not the DT1770.
You need to contact the Sony Service in your country. Just type 9-896-052-01 in Google and you have it as pdf download of the service manual in English. Here you can find all spare parts numbers and how to replace the pads. There is one small screw that needs to be removed first.
Sorry, on the EU model it does nothing but disable the sound adjustments. Only on top of that it seems to increase the battery life. But definitely no additional volume.
They should have gone V8 with the tubes, it would make a lot of you American guys much happier. And the below picture shows the name of the headphone, it is still Orpheus if I can trust my eyes.  
Did I mention that one can actually headbang with the DT1770? Found myself jumping around to Mumford and sons Wilder Mind yesterday. iPod classic with Fiio E12 strapped on in my left hand and the coiled cable was the perfect air guitar! You should have seen me, lol!
Could you please enlighten us a bit and explain that rather short statement? I cannot comment on the Fostex, because I do not own it nor did I ever listen to it.
The ZThe Z7 is a bass lovers wet dream. The Bass is exactly how I like it. Pronounced and physically feel able, like as if a high quality sub woofer is present all the time. This can gives my music body, drama and a deep dark soul. So the gravity is on the bass definitely.The DT1770 in direct comparison also lets the bass shine, but does not put too much emphasis on it. It is fair to the whole spectrum renders the mids and treble on par with the bass. maybe the bass goes...
The mini XLR from AKG are already tested. They work perfectly.
Bass is 60 to 300 Hz. Male voice starts at 100 Hz. Cello and some other acoustical instruments start at 60 Hz. Go figure.
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