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Did you contact the German HQ?
Oh mein Gott...... I would be interested, but I have my vacation trip starting on saturday...... you have the perfect offer @ the wrong time of the year for me.... I will check back on this issue in 2 or thee month....(just trying tho bring the price down....)
Hi Sorrodje, even though I am in Germany, I have not seen any Ultrasone in a shop. I am planning on rearranging my selection though. Could see me selling lots of my stuff around Christmas and then shooting for the ED 12.
You know he even gave beats a second chance, so why not the ED 12 or the Signatures. He once quoted that at least the Sig Pro is not totally bad....
So you own the LCD 3 and say that the Edition 12 is compareable? That is a very good signal for me. Seems that Ultrasone is on track soundwise with the new cans they make. Could you ever listen to one of the Signature headphones. I would like to know how they compare.
You know what, I am fat and happy.....(thank god I am physically slim actually).  
Third that!!!
You should contact the German headquarter directly. This is a high end can, they should be interested to really help you.
Did you update the firmware?
Did I mention, that the driver of the U7 Echelon is much better? They removed Xear funktion and added some very decent gaming stuff. Everything else is the same. And no you cannot use the Echelon driver with the non Echelon U7.
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