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He only tested the DT-770 so far. But as they share the basic construction, I think you can take their measurements to get a good comparison with the T5p.
You might want to search for the genre basshead or best bass can in this community. There are some dedicated threads on HeadFi. For those guys the DT1770 means nothing.
You could go over to Inner Fidelity. Tyll did test both, the DT770 and the T5p first gen. He posted the graphs. I think you can use it for leakage comparisons of two new models in question.
And if it gets too lose, you can bend it into the opposite direction again to undo it. The construction of the HD650 headband is geniously simple and can take some treatment. Don't be afraid.
To me the device is perfect as is. So why do you need an update. That is the beauty of Sony players. The work fine on release and you as the customer are not the beta tester.
I had 4 walkman with that port so far, 3 are still in my possession and none of them has problems with the WM port. Maybe yours is just bad luck.
I honestly dislike your new avatar......
So a BVB fan you are? I am for SCF instead. Yes Madooma is a good seller, already got a T70p and the DT1770 from them.
Maybe the difference was so small because I tested the stock balanced cable vs my Kimber unbalanced cable?
I challenge the Sony again and again. The last contestant to get defeated was the Fiio X5 II. Also nice, but too clinical compared to the Sony and the Pono. And the gui was not to my liking. I always look at the whole package.
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