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This can be an ideal leather care for the Z1r. Shoe wax might be had full for human skin same as saddle wax. Tried wrong wax with my Ultrasone Signature pro once, had to unwax the pads because my skin got affected. So before you put it on the pads, you better try if your skin likes to be in contact with it.
I have a EU capped ZX1. For me it is loud enough on 50% volume for all music but Classical. On Classical I need 70%. I guess a US WM1A would just blow my ears.
Yes they are compatible. I have a Forzaaudioworks cable that fits both my Z7 and my Z1r.
Today in the office, reading some posts in my lunch break, I had a very interesting experience. I was listening to Sade's Love Deluxe album from my ZX1 fed to the Z1r and thought : What a great headphone the Z1r is, the sound is amazing, engaging and purely emotional.... The next second I realized that I had the Z7 on my head and the Z1r was save at home. Again as I mentioned before, the Z1r just shows the greatness of the Z7. In direct comparison, the Z1r is clearly the...
Why do you press the pads into each other. Thus even brand new pads will look like this. Remember it is animal skin, not to different from our skin.
Yep, that's the spirit! Will go that route as soon as my ZX1 fades away..... But it is still going strong.
You are probably better off if you spend that money on a NW WM1A instead. I heard that these cables are around 800$.Then you can run the Z1r balanced with the stock calble.
Need to get my wife a nice t-shirt and do a photo too....
This avatar has been in many threads already. Don't count on him to stay for long....
It is also silver coated copper. The connectors have a different color though. I cannot comment on the sound though, as my Z7 stock cable is defect on one side.
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