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I have the AE2 and the QC25. I have a rather large skull. Both Bose cans are the most comfortable cans that I had the pleasure of wearing. Maybe bloop wears them wrong sided. Left side has the cable.
MU metal can only shield electro-magnetic fields. It cannot shield static magnetic fields nor is it able to shield high frequencies which occur when using wifi, Bluetooth or any cellphone communication frequency. That is just physically impossible.
Could anyone who ownes one headphone of this line please remove the pads and give us all a naked baffle board photo? I am very curious about the construction changes that Ultrasone implemented. i am surpised that noone did this up to now. Or are the pads glued on?
I did own both Signatures for some time, sold the Sig DJ and kept the Sig PRO. A few weeks ago I came across a demo station of the new Bose QC 25. I will not recommend them over the Ultrasones sound wise, but comfort wise, they are light years ahead. I am wearing glasses too like you. It is all about the pads my friend, this is where the comfort lies. Those Bose pads, you can wear forever, you forget that you have headphones on...I do not own the new Performance series,...
The Signature pad is oval, inner measuremants are 5,5 cm x 4,5 cm 1,9 mm deapth. Whereas the DJ1 PRO is 5,5 x 5,5 cm 2,2 cm deaphs. The Signatures share the body with the Dj 1 and the HFI 580 to 780. You can mount the pads vice versa on all of them.
The DJ1 PRO has much bigger earpieces than the Sig DJ/PRO. I have the PRO 550 (same headphone as the DJ1 PROwith other color)  and the Sig PRO. Had the Sig DJ till 6 weeks ago. If you have small earlobes and your contact is with the baffle board, the Signatures are ok for you. If you have big earlobes that touch the earpad, then you should ook for the new Ultrasone PERFORMANCE 840. It was said that it is the basshead version of the new series and the earpieces are rather...
The QC 25 benefits a lot from amping. I use the Fiio E12. The cable is definitely a 2.5 mm one. So absolute no chance to force a 3.5 mm in. The HiLo switch was moved into the airplane adapter someone wrote earlier, so a different cable will not make that much of a difference. Distortion is there only when the record is distorted. This can is much better than I ever expected..😊
That is basically the same can as the PRO 550 in a different color. I own it. It is quite good, but needs an amp to shine.
Voices are not totally cancelled. But they are reduced to a very good level.
The problem is that the sound also benefits a lot from amping, when the QC35 runs from an amp with the NC activated. So yes it benefits from amping in passive mode but the active mode is still a lot better. You need to buy it and try yourself. On top of the good sound you will have one of the most comfortable headphones I had the pleasure to listen to so far.
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