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Yea, can't you run a small series? I would love to have one too.
And as you still own it, you still enjoy it, right? Btw, there are many negative comments around the web, even in a big German forum. Most of the time you need to buy the can and listen yourself. Again, I threw it on my head and was like "wow". This did not happen very often in the past.
Yes, it is on the Walkman, else the F-886 is a little anaemic in the bass region. This special Walkman has a rather lean sound.
Maybe you are just too critical. I can enjoy the Sony as is so far.
Right now straigt out of my Sony NWZ-F886 Walkman. Clear bass +3, DSEE HXClear, Stereo clear phas activated. Eminem Shady XV FLAC Detroit vs Everybody. Better out of my Ipod Classic >LOD> Meier Audio Stepdance, fantastic out of PC>Meier Audio Opera DAC/AMP.
No the Sony Z7 does not need that support. When I listen to my Stereo/Surround system I have a rather large subwoofer running. So I am bass addicted and the Z7 suit me perfect.
May I add mine too? I got mine today and I think you are in for a treat. There is no need to worry about balanced amping firsthand. It sounds decent out of an iPod Classic, but scales very well with good amping. I feel a little like I am listening to my big stereo rig with the MDR-Z7. I always have a very big Subwoofer running, that gives the music body and soul I think.
Sorry that the talk between me and Fegefeuer interrupted you quest for detachable cables. All my headphones have detachable cables btw, including my IEMs. But I still want to hear something more substantial about the sound, comfort and measurements. Btw, I got my Sony MDR-Z7 today. And guess what? It has the loveliest detachable cables that I ever found on a headphone.CheersPeter
We now know that a lot people want replaceable cables. This headphone does not have this feature. Full stop. Can we now please wait for reviews from people who bought it and gave it a good listen?
I love to take you on that offer, let us see if I can make it to Munich this year. I am looking at some Schiit amp since some time already.Here are the Meier Opera specs: think they are quite decent too.Cheers Peter
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