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The only thing that bothers me is when someone says, that the QC25 cannot play music. Then I don't know what I am doing right now. I feel that it is music that I hear. And yes the HD700 sound better. But I had the JVC SZ2000, a real bass cannon, but it sounded much worse than the QC25.
If you compare the frequency graphs of the Bose and the Denon from Inner Fidelity then you see that you Denon has a pronounced bass starting from 250 Hz to 10 Hz. And there is a treble peak around 10k. The Bose followed more the curve from Dr Olive from Harman. So they must sound very different. But the research from Dr. Olive showed clearly that most people seem to prefer what Bose implemented here.if you prefer the Denon's interpretation of sound the the QC25 cannot be...
I can recommend the Meier Audio Quickstep. Very powerfull has a good grip on the drivers. Second in my stable is the Fiio E12A. Not as powerfull as the Quicjkstep, but very detailed and nice sounding.
Why too late? The HD650 might be around for anther decade or two. They are still making money with it. And each and every new can has to make it's stand against it....
Hi Jan,how about a teaser like a veiled photo from the oamps you will use or the mainboard.....  Cheers Peter
The design of the HD650 can be considered as "Bauhaus Design" easily. Here form follows function at its best. And the sound is made for eternal sessions without any stress. Btw I had Yamaha orthos around 1980. So the design of those is not really brand new. It's still dynamic and also has it pros and cons. One con is the heavy magnets for sure.
Only few can withstand the test of time!
If I remember correctly, they are the same regarding sound look and feel. Thee is a small sticker underneath one grille that I don't remember though. It is to proof genuineness I think.
Let's hope that Jason from Schiit reads this and is prepared for such an event.
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