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The Schiit Audio Yggdrasil also has built in USB. And nobody complained about the presence of USB in the DAC so far. Most complaints are because of the DAC's absence in their homes, due to production delays @ Schiit.
Could also be the seal, not only the source.
I pair them with the Sennheiser IE800 and the SONY MDR-EX1000 on a daily basis. Both sound very unique with this player. It can also drive the Sony Z7 and the Sennheiser HD700.
It is a Technics SL-1000.
You are right here, the Magazin internally named this new headphone "Orpeus 2". It is not the official name from Sennheiser. And we have 8 tubes, not six. Counting up to eight is a form of art these days.
On the German website you can still purchase it in the shop.
Panzerholz is Armorwood in English. It is wooden multy layer panels that are shooting resistant. The thicker, the more resistant.And no, Sennheiser is no weapon manufacturer, only sound recording and reproduction devices. Founded after WW2 was over.
The IFA in Berlin is from 09/4 till 09/7. I will go there. Lets see what they have.
A few weeks ago I was on a trip to northern Germany. Stopped at the Sennheiser factory and went straight into the new Flagship store. One of the Sennheiser bosses had some resellers from Germany and gave the a tour through the Sennheiser history. I could listen to a lot of the stuff he told them. Regarding the Orpheus he said it was developed as a statement against the competition. They had no budget constraints to just create the best headphone ever made. Then he...
Feel free and destroy the best headphone that you owned up till today. They sound so perfect with the stock cables and all the goodies that the Sony engineers developed to make them that good........Just saying....
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