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No problem, we all have a life to live......
How do they compare to the Sony EX1000?
Did you contact the German HQ?
Oh mein Gott...... I would be interested, but I have my vacation trip starting on saturday...... you have the perfect offer @ the wrong time of the year for me.... I will check back on this issue in 2 or thee month....(just trying tho bring the price down....)
Hi Sorrodje, even though I am in Germany, I have not seen any Ultrasone in a shop. I am planning on rearranging my selection though. Could see me selling lots of my stuff around Christmas and then shooting for the ED 12.
You know he even gave beats a second chance, so why not the ED 12 or the Signatures. He once quoted that at least the Sig Pro is not totally bad....
So you own the LCD 3 and say that the Edition 12 is compareable? That is a very good signal for me. Seems that Ultrasone is on track soundwise with the new cans they make. Could you ever listen to one of the Signature headphones. I would like to know how they compare.
You know what, I am fat and happy.....(thank god I am physically slim actually).  
Third that!!!
You should contact the German headquarter directly. This is a high end can, they should be interested to really help you.
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