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Next stop ORPHEUS STATION.......?
I switched from listening to the HD700 to HD650 just before I read your post. To me non of these cans smoke each other. The HD700 is a beast of its own and so is the HD650. Let me put it this way, depending of the mood I am in or the time of day I prefer one over the other. You should not sell the HD650, as you might buy it again anyways. Instead of succeeding the HD650, the HD700 is a second fantastic headphone in the same class. One is more exciting, one is more relaxed....
Same here, thanks for the YELLO recommendation, got me STELLA and TOUCH. Touch even came with a DVD.
The X2 has a larger headband because many people feel like you and Phillips did listen. So you better sell the X1 it will not do your head any justice at all. And comfort is the key my friend, sound is only # 2. But on the HD650 you can really make the comfort very good by working on the spring steel parts of the headband. I myself also have a larger than avarage head so I know what you feel.
The X1 is considered to be very comfortable. If that is not the case for you, I guess you have a rather large head. And if that is the case, then for sure you need to widen the headband of the HD650. It is actually very simple. Just extend the metal parts of the headbad to the fullest and bend only that part carefully with both hands, using your thumbs on the outside to do so. This mod is reversible easily. Just avoid to bend the plastic, it can break, or the paint can...
You should see the X10! It will be a blast
The crazy hype guy is very silent since the reality check is running on this cans, isn't he?
Get yourself a HD650. It can do all genres I came across so far and it grants you long listening sessions without any fatigue. Why not the HD600? Because they are quite similar, but I like the whole finish including the colour and the cable of the HD650 more.CheersPiet
Guys, seriously there are lots of amps between the Magni and the Ragnarok. I mean it is nice to know that the HD650 is Ragnarok-ready. That's all. I won't buy the Rag. Got me a used Meier Opera, that's all.
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