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Even Fostex knows that money doesn't stink. ..
Maybe it drains the battery so fast, because it is so good that you just use it much more than you feel? I mean the new toy effect...........
Please be aware that the sonic radar can be interpreted as a cheat in online multiplayer games.
Have mine on right now. Will test it later tonight. So far it sounds good out of my Ipod Classic / Fiio E12 combo. A bit veiled in the treble region, but it is too early to describe. Bass impact is superb though.
The two Signatures share the same basic construction including the pads. The differences are the drivers, the baffle boards and the color. And yes the sound. DJ has a phenomenal heavy but controlled bass. The PRO has a more neutral bass and a little smaller soundstage, but to me it does mids and treble a little more lively than the DJ. Have both, will likely keep both.......
Listened to it with the Signature DJ. Quite impressive subbass. I will check again tomorrow night with the SZ2000, they should be delivered in my office tomorrow morning.
Since I got the Sony EX-1000, my IE80 is completely retired. I also have the XBA-H3. It is less critical in the treble region, but the bass is not as exact and deep as the EX-1000. The IE80 obviously needs a successor in the Sennheiser line up. The IE800 is too expensive to be it. Try to find an EX-1000, even if it is used. They are simply epic.
The Stepdance is a wonderfull combination with each and every headphone or IEM I have or had, it is that good.
Oh I am very flexible regards sound signatures, as long as I get good bass and non piercing treble.... Let us see how I like my new incoming toys... The engneering that went into those seems to be reason enough to give them a good chance on my skull.
I had my HD650 when I got the Stepdance. Yes you will love that combination. Bass gets more exact and faster and mids and treble more open. Instrument separation gets better too. You will love it.
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