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You still want to buy sr225i? I bought one 1 year ago but barely use it. I can sell it at a discount but shipping might be expensive.  
I have an iPod Classic 160G. Recently when I found it is making noise when playing high pitch music, eg. girl's voice (EQ is off). I tested on ES-10 and um3x. When I switch to sony x1061, the problem disappears.  I am wondering the reason of that. Will adding an amp solve the problem?
Just got ES10 yesterday. Still burning in, but the response from Hotel California is perfect. But what amp should I choose, if iPod Classic as source?
How can I buy it? I am in California, and I would like to pay by paypal. Email me please
Hey folks, I have a Bang&Olufsen Form 2 for sale. I bought it in the beginning of the year, and I burnt it in buy myself. The sound was very good. I want to sell it because I just bought a SR225i and a K518LE... Anyone interested in it, just email me and give an offer. Paypal accepted.
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