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I am pairing ALO Continental with LCD2 (Rev2 with APS V3 cables) via a silver-copper hybrid LOD. The result is truly amazing. Tomorrow I will try it with JH16.  
Just placed my order after reading very positive opinions here. Hope to get it by this weekend.   
FedEx delivery van showed up this morning, and I have since been on a joy ride. My initial impression is that Q Audio cables add clarity without changing the overall sound signature of LCD2. I like that...a lot.    
Quote: Haha ... Just said something along that line to my kid when he wanted an upgrade from DSi to 3DS 
That's exactly what I would do.   Hope to get the cable around the same time as my Traformatic Experience Head One amp.
Thanks guys for very helpful information.   After going through this thread, I decided to get a replacement cable from Q-Audio ... and the now the hardest part is waiting for it to arrive. 
Updating my rig with ATH-ES10 paired with Pico Slim and MacBook Pro.  
I found out that Westone dealer in Bangkok has a demo set of ES5. But I got stuck in a road block (another protest downtown) and didn't make it to the shop yesterday. Will try again tomorrow.  
Am planning to try the demo set of ES5 today and compare it with my JH16. Just trying to justify why I should have 2 sets of custom IEMs.
We are planning to have a shoot-out between ED10 and Stax O2 (as well as Stax SR507 and Stax SR404) this coming Saturday in Bangkok.   ED10 are likely to be paired with the following system:   - MBP + Weiss DAC202   - MBP + Weiss INT202 + Alpha DAC + Phonitor   Impressions and photos will of course be posted on this thread.
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