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tried 3 different cables, 3 different computers. No luck.
Did the hard reset - no luck. Still nothing when I plug it in to my pc.
So a hard reset may help it be detected again?
I believe the X5 original. Is the reset button the pinhole sized thing?
The Fiio X5 itself works fine and plays great as well.
Hello there, I am having a bit of trouble the last two months or so. I run Windows 8 64-bit and the last two months whenever I plug my Fiio X5 into my PC it doesn't detect it at all. I used to be able to copy music over but now nothing happens. I'm a bit frustrated at this point. Can anyone give any advice?
Thanks for the replies everyone.   I don't know much about the FX700's - however I've heard the UM3X are similiar to the SM3 but from what I've read more prefer the SM3 to it -   As for getting both, I don't think I can afford that at all - I think I'll have to settle for one or the other.   Has anyone heard both the IE8 and the SM3 that can recommend either for my tastes? It's alot of money to not be careful.   In the meantime, I'll read up on the...
Firstly, I apologize for being another thread amongst a sea of "help me choose" threads - but I am pretty much a rookie. After a few months, several actually, of wading through, trying to save for the jh16's/J3A - and failing miserably at it, I've decided to go with a much more affordable (in comparison) alternative.   Now, I've narrowed my two top tier choices to the subject - an IE8 or SM3v2 - but after sifting through both appreciation threads, and critique...
Thanks alot for your input!   I will be contacting Craig shortly cos of this...I appreciate it.  
Hey guys, I have a balanced setup with my hd650's - featuring a balanced diy cable I got for 125, a little dot mkvii+ and a little dot dac 1 -   Was wondering what a really good balanced cable would be, or the differences between them to help get the full gains of my midrange system.   I was looking at the TWag2 hd650 cable, but I haven't heard much buzz on it...and I'm not sure I can afford SAA - but I would save for it if it was the best bet - I don't know much...
New Posts  All Forums: