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I hear they [OPA2134] are muddy, bloated and have limited sound stage, I rather avoid it [The OPA627 I hear kind has a muddled mid range at times as well].  The AKGs would make the flaws dead obvious as well. It's a hybrid.  Beside the tube doesn't add much to the sound (unlike the cheap chinese 6N11).  While I cannot get the exact same sound I can achieve something similar with a good op-amp and a much better amp (the original indeed circuit isn't...
  Really?  You've heard of the more liked K270 Playbacks haven't you?  
I think they are both wired to each other like a K290 in stereo mode.  It would be the same as the K280's wiring method.  I'm sure Fitz will chime in when he notices.   The 75 ohms suggest that the two 150 ohm drivers are wired together in parallel, in each cup.     P.S.  That's a great deal, I'd jump on all three if I lived there.  It would be a simple weekend project (not even that long, a few hours).
If you go with it and are having trouble along the way, post.  There is a lot of AKG fans here to help you out and give you advice.  Best of luck.  How cheap are they?
I'm just about to order the kit for this amp.  I want an op-amp better than the one that comes with the amp and better then the class-A mod dual OPA627.  I'm new to op-amps.  Currently I'm using a Indeed headphone amp (same as bravo hybrid) with a clear, flat, uncolored and transparent Siemens ECC88 A-frame tube (with IRF 630 output MOSFET).  [I'm sure nobody here has ever mess with that sort of stuff.  (That tube should probably sound similar in another device)].  I...
How many times has any one had to pay duties on anything shipped (to and from the US and Canada)?  I've only been hit once, and if I remember correctly it was on something that was exempted from duties.  It was only a few dollars so I didn't feel like raising a dispute.
  Might be the cable, or one of the wires came lose (in either cup).  If it's a dead driver (unlikely that all of them suffer from the same thing) you have two other for parts.  I definitely would jump on them if the price for all three is under $150.  And if you are capable enough you can get one or two working if not all three, I'd jump on it.  If you search the forums via the search ^ box at the very top you find a good deal of info on the K270.  I think there is two...
No.  It either down converts to stereo or it only plays the front stereo channel audio output depending on how your receiver works.  I think there is a few receivers with Dolby Headphone or other like headphone surround virtualization but it's rare.  I recommend that you put the 360 into stereo mode when you want to use headphones.  It'll send out an uncompressed PCM 48kHz signal over the optical cable rather then Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 compressed audio (it also does the...
They are quite nice headphones.  [Listing to mine at this very minute].  I think the modern AKG fixed cabled headphone's cables will fit in without any modification, long as you have a soldering iron and some jeweler's screw drivers you should be good to go.  [K242HD, K272HD, K172HD cables]
It was a transfer from the record.     Update: [CD] Master -> individual vinyl records (I think individual for all songs) -> Ripped and Pressed on CD. [LP] Master -> LP   So everything sounds like the record, but the the CD has a bit more sibilance in a few areas.  I think the CD rip may be more compressed as well.   Better then some of their indie stuff.  Levels are little better, but both are compressed.
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