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What I'm finding is that the K501 seems to have more bass on some songs but not others than the K701.  It's different on a per song basis.  No clue why.  Different beasts?   May you have the bass heavy version?  V3, the last reversion produced before discontinuation.
True, but I sort of hear that.  It's hard to tell the K501's are mid voiced while the K701's are more so slanted towards the highs (and the weirdness of the K701 makes it hard to compare).  Just looking at the two.
AKG K701   AKG K501 (Stock, Not sure which version assuming middle production [V1])   Overlapped View     These aren't my graphs.  I forgot the site I got them from, but they are done by the same person.  [It was a Japanese site, I'm sure somebody know it's name.  It's been mentioned here before].
Does anyone know if the seller, will sell any of his "Signal Wire (White)" [Thermax M27500-22RC2S09] as seen on his site for a price?
Top ends didn't seem rolled off compared to the K701's.  But than again I can only really hear to 14-16kHz.
  While I loved the AKG K701's the mids drove me nuts (and a few sounds it tried it just got wrong).  The AKG K501's is definitely the way to go for those who want better mids.  There are differences between the K701 and the K501 but they are closer than a K240DF and are cheaper than the K1000.  (There is still enough of what I loved from the K701's to settle on these headphones [K501]).  I still miss the awesome look of those white K701's with that red-ish...
Rockbox for the win!  Runs nicely on my fifth generation iPod.  I've been using it for a year now.
Can say I remember the HD580 [same as the HD600] sounding grainy.  (It's been a while though, but I thought they had a relatively smooth sound).  Could possibly the amp adding the sound, or maybe the source.  What is your source?  And do you notice it all songs vocals?     Maybe it's just details that you've never noticed before with the HD600.  The HD600 is probably more detailed than anything you've heard before.  (Background noise/grain in the recording either...
True.  An amp adds it's own sound and character but a tube or an op-amp is still 1/3th of the sound.  If you have a poor sounding op-amp or tube your going to hear it.  Knowing my own tastes I most likely will not like the stock sound.
I've seen the Swedish one [Låt den rätte komma in] years back.  It was a pretty good movie.  Haven't had a chance to see the new one, or hear the soundtrack.  Just wondering if the movie is much different, and what they changed.
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