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  It doesn't matter what the cord has [brick to the wall], that's all AC side (irreverent).  The amp probably doesn't have much of a ground plane, I know the new redesign indeed copies do but not sure about the one you have.  Either way voodoo fix works some what yay.       Haha yah don't do that.  I did that once with an RCA connector (It wasn't that close but it has a lot of power).
If the interference doesn't come from the amp itself then it should work pretty good.  The amp isn't that hot, just make sure you have some vents on the top size (many small holes) [the entire top plate (should have holes), or at very least over the tube and heatsinks].   I don't see how that helps [your fix], it's over the 1/8 to 1/4 TRS adapter [the exposed area].  If this is the problem I don't see a case helping.  Are you by chance using the crappy 1/8 to 1/4 TRS...
You mean from the brick to the amp?  It's DC, it's has a ground and positive lead.  If you mean from the brick to the wall, that's odd because mine has a 3 prong cable.  But this doesn't concern me as it's probably designed not to need a ground.  I've always found grounded [power] devices always produce more audio problems.  It could be the source, the chain, amp or circuit, the quality of the power supply (or if it's in working order), or external interference.   Did you...
If it's constant chirping like sound it's wifi.  GSM is short burst when you get a message, phone call, or when it checks with the tower every 15-30mins or so [And when you turn your phone on or off].  If it's a cell phone transmitter it'll probably be transmitting constantly, never been close enough to one to have issues.  Can you not move away or file a complant about this annoyance?
Do you have one in mind?  Tubes aren't always warm (it's circuit for the most part that makes them warm).     @Scytus Maybe they just mean it doesn't work with other people's tastes.  Just because someone here says it doesn't work doesn't mean it won't work for you and you wouldn't enjoy it.  Try a hybrid, if you don't enjoy the sound you could always sell it.
GSM or CDMA?  I've heard GSM phones are the worse offenders.  Drives me nuts.  Happens with a lot of audio devices (general devices [that produce audio] included).  Wifi causes this as well but you have to be a lot closer to the source of the interference or have a powerful source of interference.  Other then a balanced setup end to end, better shielded cables or interference rejecting cables and shielded devices is the only real solution other than living with it....
There are some semi-hard soft zipable cases on ebay, and there are some hard cases on eBay made for full sized headphones, I can see anyone of these working.  I've never found the need to own one.  I really cannot speak from experience on this topic.  They seem easy to modify the soft inside foam if you need to make room for the arches.
Nope.  Unless you want to use the original box. ;P  
Nice!  That turned out well.  Good as new.
They sound exactly the same.  Get which everyone is cheaper.  If you are abusive to your headphones and cables the K271MKII's detachable cable is better for replacing.  But if you moderately take good care of your stuff like a good person, than I would rather go with a fixed cable. I don't know what headphones you've came from before but AKG's headphones (decent to high end models) are pretty durable and most likely more durable then anything you've used before (they...
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