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Thanks again. Hm if I buy the parts myself I still need to find someone that can make me the cable. Maybe I should just ask around, make a thread in the diy forum.
Thanks for the info Jalo. I need to find a hirose>2rca-cable. Any suggestions on where to find one? I guess it's diy stuff, maybe someone can make me one.
I am doing that, with the pb2. But I want to try other amps for phones like for example ahd5000, thats why I was looking for impressions on the se out of db2, to feed amps with rca input.
Has anyone been using the DB2 to feed other amps than iBassos? Since it is balanced I guess one should always try and use the balanced out. I'm considering getting another amp (like the Matrix M-stage) and I guess a cable like this one is needed:   Any impressions from users feeding other amps than iBassos, and using the SE output from DB2?
It sure looks nice. I have enjoyed all my iBasso products. 64gb and micro sd is great, and I realize know after some reading that the dac in this dap is interesting. But I need to read some mighty positive reviews before spending the presumed amount of 500-700 dollars. I know the dx100 have many other qualities, gain switch and outputs, but imo the clip+ and old ipods provides so much value for the price.
My understanding was that the he5le was the least bright hifiman hp, is this still the case now that we have the he400?
Looking into buying a v-link to use between pc and ibasso db2 (and future dac/amp upgrades). I can't find any reason to get the v-link II, does anyone know if the v-link II has any advantages over the original v-link?
Interesting read, thanks. I'm going to get a pair of ah-d5000 and will use them with my pb2, single ended. So I especially enjoyed your impressions on pb1/ah-d2000.
Waters of ain - Watain.
Can the D7 be used as a usb>spdif converter? I have been looking into getting one of those.
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