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Send me a pm if you have a unit in good condition for sale.
Yeah I dont need those. As long as I have my ears :)  
Oh dear. It's time to gather everything I can sell to finance this dap. An old dusty ipod...a few PS3 games...maybe the Wii now that I've played Zelda..the car...
Agree, this is insane! I have been thinking like no way this dap will be worth the price when comparing to bang for buck stuff like clip+ and 5g ipods. But if the dx100 works this well with full size cans.. And 2 hp outs at the same time..haha..crazy.    
  My current setup.
Thanks for that Ebay link. Just ordered a couple. Will keep my db2/pb2 close together :)
  I did not try modding my gs1000 or the rs2i. I immedietly felt a big nono, with both of them. I know I probably could have gotten new amps and looked into modding but I felt silly sitting there with expensive hp's that hurt my ears. The gs1000 was so not my hp at all (metal and rock listener) but I sometimes regret selling the rs2i, I compared them to the hd650 and it was not fair. I should have tried to get used to the Grado sound, and maybe I should have looked into...
Haha, good stuff.
Thanks guys. I think I simply enjoy the hd650 more than hd600 overall. Simple as that. But, I'm gonna get the p4 anyway for use with other hp's, and will keep the LME49990 in mind. Thanks for the responses.
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