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Danne, anything new?    
Send me a pm if you have a unit in good condition for sale.
Yeah I dont need those. As long as I have my ears :)  
Oh dear. It's time to gather everything I can sell to finance this dap. An old dusty ipod...a few PS3 games...maybe the Wii now that I've played Zelda..the car...
Agree, this is insane! I have been thinking like no way this dap will be worth the price when comparing to bang for buck stuff like clip+ and 5g ipods. But if the dx100 works this well with full size cans.. And 2 hp outs at the same time..haha..crazy.    
  My current setup.
Thanks for that Ebay link. Just ordered a couple. Will keep my db2/pb2 close together :)
  I did not try modding my gs1000 or the rs2i. I immedietly felt a big nono, with both of them. I know I probably could have gotten new amps and looked into modding but I felt silly sitting there with expensive hp's that hurt my ears. The gs1000 was so not my hp at all (metal and rock listener) but I sometimes regret selling the rs2i, I compared them to the hd650 and it was not fair. I should have tried to get used to the Grado sound, and maybe I should have looked into...
Haha, good stuff.
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