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I bought a Marantz 2270 in need of service. One channel dead, a broken off rca pin stuck in the aux input, and also in need of pot cleaning etcetera. It's been stored away for maybe 10 years, so a bit dusty on the inside. But fairly nice on the outside. Hopefully the local service place can fix it up for me! It's my first Marantz and I really took a chance with this one..
I got a 1972 Sony receiver fixed up at a local dealer and I especially like it with HD600. I'm usually not a fan of the HD600 but this may have changed :)   When using it with the Denons the bass is a bit much though :)  
I've had a few iBasso products and I know they are great stuff for the price. Now I'm looking into getting a dac with rca out to feed a vintage marantz amp and whatever future amps I may get. I've been looking at the MF V-Dac, good price and also the option of separate V-PSU. For all of you D7 owners, is it a good idea to get the D7 and would it be good enough to feed bigger amps like vintage marantz ones?   Edit: Or - is it unnessecary to get another portable dac...
Danne, anything new?    
Send me a pm if you have a unit in good condition for sale.
Yeah I dont need those. As long as I have my ears :)  
Oh dear. It's time to gather everything I can sell to finance this dap. An old dusty ipod...a few PS3 games...maybe the Wii now that I've played Zelda..the car...
Agree, this is insane! I have been thinking like no way this dap will be worth the price when comparing to bang for buck stuff like clip+ and 5g ipods. But if the dx100 works this well with full size cans.. And 2 hp outs at the same time..haha..crazy.    
  My current setup.
Thanks for that Ebay link. Just ordered a couple. Will keep my db2/pb2 close together :)
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