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Enjoying my Marantz 2270, actually using the tuner right now. Great sound from this receiver, I'm really glad the shop was able to fix it for me, it was in really bad shape :)  
I have the 2225 and 2270 and they work excellent as head phone amps. Crazy bass :)
Agree about the TOTL talk in this thread. I turn to other forums to discuss my lower end vintage receiver models, wouldn't want to embarass myself in here
  The 5020 really lights up very nice! I'm gonna keep it just to look at :)    
I got a Marantz 2225 the other day, in a package deal together with a Marantz 5020 cassette deck and a LP player from Marantz also. The receiver and the cassette deck was in such excellent condition that I was amazed. They had been sitting in a rack for 35 years, but after som dusting they are as good as new. Right now the 2225 is playing Tool - Lateralus into my Denon hp's, and the bass is killing me :)     A week ago a bought a Marantz 2270 in need of repairs....
Anyone tried the hp out of Marantz pm66se ki sig? I wonder if the amps from that era also are good, as the older Marantz..
I bought a Marantz 2270 in need of service. One channel dead, a broken off rca pin stuck in the aux input, and also in need of pot cleaning etcetera. It's been stored away for maybe 10 years, so a bit dusty on the inside. But fairly nice on the outside. Hopefully the local service place can fix it up for me! It's my first Marantz and I really took a chance with this one..
I got a 1972 Sony receiver fixed up at a local dealer and I especially like it with HD600. I'm usually not a fan of the HD600 but this may have changed :)   When using it with the Denons the bass is a bit much though :)  
I've had a few iBasso products and I know they are great stuff for the price. Now I'm looking into getting a dac with rca out to feed a vintage marantz amp and whatever future amps I may get. I've been looking at the MF V-Dac, good price and also the option of separate V-PSU. For all of you D7 owners, is it a good idea to get the D7 and would it be good enough to feed bigger amps like vintage marantz ones?   Edit: Or - is it unnessecary to get another portable dac...
Danne, anything new?    
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