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Im about to buy a Pioneer sx1010. Although quite satisfied with M2270 I've always liked the heavy Pioneer receivers. Always wanted to own one. The seller wants $500-550, he is the first owner, bought it mid seventies. It wotks great and is in good shape. Just to give you an idea of the prices here. I think its a bit much, I get the feeling they are somewhat cheaper in the US.
Estreteer, we are a couple of years too late - the vintage craze makes the receivers almost unaffordable...again...sort of. At least in Sweden where I live.
Yes of course, not many, if any, hp's need that much power. Was just wondering how the quad thing works with hp out.
Anyone here have experience with Marantz 4XXX series? I was thinking, when using let's say a Marantz 4300 with head phones (there are 2 hp' out on these) can one get all the 100W*2 goodness or is it only half since it's a quad receiver and 2 hp out?
Enjoying my Marantz 2270, actually using the tuner right now. Great sound from this receiver, I'm really glad the shop was able to fix it for me, it was in really bad shape :)  
I have the 2225 and 2270 and they work excellent as head phone amps. Crazy bass :)
Agree about the TOTL talk in this thread. I turn to other forums to discuss my lower end vintage receiver models, wouldn't want to embarass myself in here
  The 5020 really lights up very nice! I'm gonna keep it just to look at :)    
I got a Marantz 2225 the other day, in a package deal together with a Marantz 5020 cassette deck and a LP player from Marantz also. The receiver and the cassette deck was in such excellent condition that I was amazed. They had been sitting in a rack for 35 years, but after som dusting they are as good as new. Right now the 2225 is playing Tool - Lateralus into my Denon hp's, and the bass is killing me :)     A week ago a bought a Marantz 2270 in need of repairs....
Anyone tried the hp out of Marantz pm66se ki sig? I wonder if the amps from that era also are good, as the older Marantz..
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