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Hm, how shall I put this...I hate you moodyrn.
Send me a message if you have one for sale.
  Just got my LCD-2, and they sound great through my M2270. Although I have not heard these hp's out of any other amp yet. I do not regret jumping on the vintage receiver wagon :)
Interested in a pair of AH-D7000 in excellent condition. Sold my D5K and now I miss them. Thought I'd try the bigger brother. I'm in Sweden. But I will pay for overseas shipping :) Thanks!
I have this fine USB-cable for sale. Audioquest Forest USB A>B 0,75 meters. Been using it with MF V-Link/V-Dac and also earlier with my HDP. No box. PP fee and shipping (in a thick envelope) is included in EU/Europe.
Anyone tried Hifiman HE500 with a vintage Marantz?  HE500 supposedly is pretty  easy to drive but still benefits a lot from power, from what I understand. HE6 is too expensive for me but the H500 got a nice price now fter the price cut (was it last year?)
  Maybe change your mind about certain details and the iems will fly away..?
Let me know if you have a HDP for sale.
Yes, what an excellent idea, selling just the Senn cable!
Nothing new since the tiny bit of info in iBassos "New product plan"...?
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