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  Maybe change your mind about certain details and the iems will fly away..?
Let me know if you have a HDP for sale.
Yes, what an excellent idea, selling just the Senn cable!
Nothing new since the tiny bit of info in iBassos "New product plan"...?
Yup. They are so pretty it's hard not to buy more and more. I'm proud of myself for actually selling off one the other week
Yeah, I gotta get my posting action on More of a reader than a poster I guess. Estreteer, do you own a vintage receiver? Thinking about getting one?
That sounds great, really tempted to get it now. Whoa! $165? That is insane. Was this a few years back? Or did the seller not have a clue?
    I don't know how to respond to this, haha. I see why you have like one zillion posts though ;) You may be right about Sweden being a wealthy country. But I'm not wealthy so I will continue to complain about the high price of vintage audio gear :)
Skylab, would you mind letting me know which hp's you enjoyed the most with the SX1010? Thanks!
    Ok, thanks. I guess it's a bit different here. Smaller country I guess means a few less vintage receivers in "ok" condition :) But I feel the same way, $500-$550 is a bit much. Although I understand where the seller comes from, both he and I witnessed a web auction on a smaller Pioneer modell, end price was $650.. So it is some kind of vintage hysteria going on, that's for sure.
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