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I use the iBasso T3 with Shure 530 and Cowon players. Works really well, the amp adds nice bass that sounds more natural than the mach3bass that cowon players have. So I only use the iBasso amp, no extra sounds enhancements from the Cowon players, and the EQ on flat. But I don't know about the HD650..
Hmm, I was asking for T3 vs D2+ Boa amps :-)
I got the T3 last week and I'm really satisfied with it, it does wonders to my mp3's playing from Cowon players. I even turned off "Rock EQ" and also turned off extra bass and other sound enhancements on the Cowon player. Feels great to have the natural sound of the player going in to the T3 A question - How does the T3 amp compare with the amp in D2+ Boa?
What do you look for in trade?
$260 for triple fi 10 includes express shipping overseas? (around $20 I think) :-)
Interested in these. Include shipping overseas? Around $20 for express with USPS..
I can recommend the T3. Still burning it in. It's tiny and cheap and does wonders with Shure 530! Since I got the T3 I never use the EQ/Bass and BBE settings on Cowon players, there's no need
Received my T3 just now! Fast shipping - China > Sweden in 4 days in total. Ordered on monday and received now friday. That's pretty fast! Gonna post my noob impressions later with Cowon D2+ and Shure 530.
Rock mostly, old and new!
Need advice on a head phone full size that will work ok in more than one area. I'm thinking on using them: 1. Connected to DAC that's connected to USB home desktop computer listening tp mp3's and flac. 2. As head phone directly connected to home setup receiver (Onkyo), when playing videogames and looking at movies/tv series. 3. Maybe also for portable use (Cowon players and iBasso amp). But I'm mostly using IEM's here. The first two areas are most important. Any...
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