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Very sweet looking 2250! Congrats, I hope you get the hp out up and running!
Indeed, wonderful looking stuff Parula.  
This is awesome. I love the HA160D. And ESS Sabre32 9018, wow :)
I am selling my Nuforce Icon HDP, silver color with all accessories and the inner boxes. The unit is in great shape. I bought the unit here on the FS forums and I skipped the outer box due to it's size and increased shipping costs. The price is including Europe shipping and Paypal fees.   I would be interested in a trade for a pair of Westone 4R.   /Mikael
Been awaiting something new from RSA. This could become my first RSA product Subscribed!
PM me if you have a pair in good condition, preferably all accessories included (tips and stuff) but everything is of interest. I'm located in Sweden.
Very nice review, thanks.
Grado RA-1 wanted, let me know if you have one for sale, battery or AC powered.
For those genres i'd recommend the IE8. Well built and great sounding iem's. I myself enjoy the TF10 and Westone 3 from my Clip+. Have had all Shure iem's but did not enjoy them, not with Clip+ and not with any other dap
I'm also very satisfied with the M2270. I've actually stopped visiting Head-Fi daily since I got the M2270/LCD2R2-combo. Which I do not like, at all! But I guess it shows that I really enjoy my M2270 :)
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