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Haha, an awesome read. I have yet to convince myself regarding the LCD-3.
No impressions of the Flex with triple ba drivers yet?
Selling my TF10. I bought them from a user here on the FS forums last year. Condition is great. What shows in the pics is included. The metal box is barely shown in the pic but it is included. Also included is a Null Audio cable. So, both original cable and an extra one. Price of 140 Euros is including shipping in Europe and the Paypal fee.
I think I will go for the flex triple ba drivers. Will decide and place order tommorow!
Sounds great!
Oh god. I just found out about this, and I am in Stockholm, Sweden :) I have been avoiding customs due to the high price and the custom fees when buying from overseas, but I will definitely buy a set of HY3. Anyone have any thoughts about doing the ear impressions by yourself? I see this is an option at Cosmic ears. It seems easy enough when reading the guide.. Too bad about the purple color though, I would want a clear set of customs, but I guess it's ok.
Yeees, more, MORE!
Interesting review. I wonder if the reviewer have heard the Fiio stuff at all.
Oh my god. Just when I thought I couldn't love this forum any more than I did...then I found this thread :)
Yes I know! And insanely hard to come by here in Sweden. It's the first one I hear about (haven't seen one either) actually. The vintage journey continues!
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