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Where did you hear that? The HA160D is one of the recommended amps/dacs for the LCD-2.
Still nothing new right? Anyone heard anything?
I haven't heard neither of Phonak PFE232, UE900 or Heir Audio 3.Ai. However I have owned the W3 for many years now and I can recommend them for all kinds of metal and rock and electronic. The W3 is quite dark and bassy to my ears.
This is really cool info, thanks for sharing!
  Pelican ey, nice taste in music :) Nice to hear the HD800 can sound good with that music genre, although somewhat eq'd.
Haha, ok! I thought of bass as a bassy voice.. :)
Bass from the wife? Does your wife have a beard? :)  
  My work rig. I had not touched the E5 in 2 years when I found it in a drawer last week, it adds some extra juice that I don't think the 5.5G ipod have. Funny thing about the E5 - it was my first portable amp and it got replaced with iBasso D4, and after that the PB1 and PB2. Now the iBassos are gone and the E5 is still in use.
A quad ba driver ciem is my guess, and I guess everyone elses also Phil mentioned to me earlier that he does not believe in putting in more than 3-4 drivers in a ciem, the only purpose would be to make more money. Sound-wise he did not believe it made that much improvement.
Haha, an awesome read. I have yet to convince myself regarding the LCD-3.
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