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Sounds cool. As always, when one is about to buy something (quads for me) one stumbles over a thread like this...and then comes more waiting. Oh well, the is always going to be new products :)
Nothing official yet right?
This is my portable stuff at the moment. Have not been using amps in a while, I feel they are not worth it with the iem's I have been using. Have no customs, maybe that is why I don't feel the need to use amps on the go.    
Cool! iBassos entry in the dap world. Subscribed.
Oh that is really nice. Where can one find short cables like that? I'd hate buying 1 meter coax when i only need 10 cm. Are all these short cables diy'd from knowledgeable users or are there online stores that sell these?
I received my DB2 today. Pairing it with PB2. I used to own the DB1 and I have omly used usb from my pc. Switching from DB1 to DB2 I thought I should also buy a MF V-link (usb>spdif) and try that as a small upgrade. How many of you guys use only usb and not spdif into DB2? Does anyone have experience with coax versus optical on the DB2? Which one should I go for? Thanks.
Oh man, sorry to hear. Contacted iBasso yet?
I would like to buy a set of TF10, please pm me if you have a set for sale.  
Something tells me the Continental would work very well with Grado phones. Anyone tried it with RS2i or RS1i?
Complete in box. Second owner, and maybe 20 hours in total listening time on these head phones. They are in perfect condition. Europe preffered but I could ship anywhere. 260 Euros includes Europe shipping but buyer will pay the Paypal fee. /Mikael
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