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Hmm, rapidrepair's site says the 240gb hdd's will only work with 5g/5.5g ipod video 60/80gb, and not with the 30gb 5g ipod video. But I know I've read that they work on the 30gb model too. If anyone have done this successfully please let me know! Thanks :)
Thanks, will do! Merry christmas!
No one with experience in this?
Hi all,   been reading up on the bigger size hdd's for ipod video. I'm thinking of buying this one:   Does anyone know if this will fit without any issues in my 5G ipod video 30gb? I believe it will but want to make sure before buying it. Also - after inserting the hdd, do I just simply connect the ipod to itunes and itunes will download and install the fw?   Thanks for any input on this. I...
Jonah, very interesting and informative posts, thanks. Let us know if your new 240 hdd works fine when you fill it up with music. I had the same upgrade in mind for my 5g.
Also, now the are several diy guys that one can send the ipod 5g to, and they will do the mod. I am considering this option, it costs far less than sending it to rwa. Maybe the main price difference is the lod, I am considering the ebay store Audiominor, their price for the diy imod + lod is $170. 
I have read a lot about usb to spdif converters, and I know there are a lot of popular options like Bridge, M2tech and Musical Fidelity. And of course more expensive options as well. But, does anyone here have any impressions of the cheap ones that are on Ebay for example? There are a lot of chinese products in the price range between $30 and $70. I'm looking for a usb to spdif converter to go from my pc to my DB2/PB2.
Hi all, I want to buy a hard case for ipod video 5G. Something to keep it safe when being close to a portable amp :) PM me if you have anything for sale. Thanks, Mikael
Sounds cool. As always, when one is about to buy something (quads for me) one stumbles over a thread like this...and then comes more waiting. Oh well, the is always going to be new products :)
Nothing official yet right?
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