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I did (through the Swedish reseller) contact Westone, they just said no  I guess the iem's was too old, and too broken.
Thanks, that was an interesting read, feels like W50 is the way to go for me.
My W3 broke 6 months ago and since Westone could not fix them it is time to buy a new pair of Westone iem's. I loved the dark bassy sound of the W3 and when I owned them I really felt I did not need any other iem (although I bought and tried many others before the W3, the entire Shure line and TF10 etc). I have had my eyes on the W60 lately until I read a review of the W50, and it seems maybe the W50 is for me because of the dark and bassy sound. When I read the...
Oh! So that's how it is. Thanks for sorting it out.
Hi all, Is there a new version out? I see there is a new white packaging now, compared to the black one I saw when the se846 was released. Can't seem to find info about this. Thanks.
No scratches or such. Must be shipped to me in Sweden.   Thanks!
They come with travel case and both single-ended and balanced cable. Not sure how old they are, approx 2 yrs. They are in excellent condition. No visible scratches or marks. I am looking to get 570 Euro and that is not including shipping and paypal fees. Local buyers are of course welcome to pick them up in Stockholm, Sweden.
I have tried only USB lately, but I have tried it with my MBP, the thunderbolt display and also with a pc laptop. I guess the USB chip died on me and that it has nothing to do with the upgrade to Mavericks OS. Time to look for a new desktop dac/amp :) Thanks for the response.
Any HDP users out there with compability issues when using Mavericks OS?   My HDP is dead silent now when I use Mavericks. I have read that Mavericks can mess up some stuff like nas transfer issues and other external dac's that does not work with the OS but I can't seem to find anything related to the Nuforce HDP.
It's going to be interestng to follow this thread, I wonder which one of the W50 and W60 is the natural step up from the old W3. So far it sounds like it might be the W50.
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