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It's going to be interestng to follow this thread, I wonder which one of the W50 and W60 is the natural step up from the old W3. So far it sounds like it might be the W50.
Yes I have been in contact with him. Super nice guy.
I can't buy from Amazon as a Swede right? Ahhhhhh damn. Can't someone buy a pair of w3 and a pair of w4r for me pleeeease?
My W3's broke after many years of daily use. I'm looking for a new pair. They must of course be in good condition and relatively new. I live in Sweden. 
This is my first impressions post. Although I compare the Burson Soloist SL to other amps, and also the LCD-3 to another headphone I am posting this impression in this Burson Soloist thread since I was in the loaner program arranged by Burson and Audeze.   I was in the Burson loaner program and got to use the Burson Soloist SL and the Audeze LCD-3  for a couple of weeks. I’m not that comfortable using the Head-Fi lingo to describe sound unfortunately. I have picked...
Update with pics.
For sale in excellent condition, with receipt from a Swedish hifi store. Excl. shipping and PP fee.
Let me know if you have a pair for sale.
Borrowed them from a friend today, liking them a lot with Neil Young Unplugged.    
Oh damn it, I haven't been in this thread for a while. Now I came in and saw Skylabs and others photos of the Pioneer 70s beauties :( 2013 is the year when I will buy one of those! That is a promise.
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