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Question on Rockbox for the older iPod classics. I have a 4th gen that I plan on getting a clear front for, along with the SD card mod. If I install Rockbox on it, will the line out still work as with the original firmware?
^That's a mighty nice idea, but the buses are way too full of people to give up that much floor and seating space, around here.
Wish I could afford a Mootz Ti bike..
I see an iPhone, HiFi M8, AK240, FiiO X5, Hugo and.. is that a Pico there in the middle?   Edit, duh. I keep forgetting to just "click to enlarge"..
Agreed on the UI. It's not very.. pretty. I had no idea it was available on iOS also.. 
Hello all, hope this is the right place to post this.   I'm going to be resurrecting my iPod soon and want to keep it in it's best condition. I'm looking for something more then just a skin, but not so much like a Pelican case. Having trouble finding anything decent since it's been out of production for quite some time. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks!
Not really fair to compare. One is on Android, the other iOS.
Please forgive the ipad photo quality. It's all I have at the moment.
Is there any advantage to using the CCK on an iDevice over a FiiO LOD? Would it make any difference which is used to play DSD files?
 I would have thought with a desktop computer, you'd have one SSD for the OS and another ( or two ) for storage. Can't remember the last time I saw someone using a WD Blue as their only storage.
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