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Is there any advantage to using the CCK on an iDevice over a FiiO LOD? Would it make any difference which is used to play DSD files?
 I would have thought with a desktop computer, you'd have one SSD for the OS and another ( or two ) for storage. Can't remember the last time I saw someone using a WD Blue as their only storage.
Throw some flac files on an SD card, play them through the Neutron app and this, and see if your results don't improve.
Update, as of yesterday, I've installed CM11 on my N5. I now have USB audio available, just as you would with an iOS device. No special apps ( IE USB Audio Recorder Pro ), for those that weren't aware. Works perfectly with my Nuforce uDAC
Can we dispense with the Mac Pro to trash can cliche already?   
Taken this past Saturday.  
Etymotic... hf5?
Check the sig there, buddy. ;)
The original surface was painted to match the front, with a soft rubbery/grippy coating. I just took it all down to the bare metal and put some sand paper to it. Thanks!
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