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  I have something similar going on now at home. Laptop > NuForce uDAC (v1) > RCA > Nikko 7075 > modded ATH-M50. Mixing the old with the new I think is a wonderful thing. More should do it, I think. Perfectly clean music flowing into a vintage receiver to give it a bit of flavor. .
My wife and I are both in the market for a new phone with our Jump program from T-Mobile and the S6 Edge and M9 are the obvious choices. The thing I'm wondering, does either phone play anything 24/96 or above without down sampling?
Well, I did it  I, very carefully, cut down the outter sheath of my cable. It was a funky pink color, which I didn't like that much anyway. Under the sheath, the 4 wires were wrapped in a bunch of copper. I took that off, and put it aside and now my cable is just as bendable as I would prefer.   Thanks for the idea, ProtegeManiac.
 Would something like this still be suitable if all my music is from streaming via Google Music?
 Ha! I chuckled at that one.. But, how's the durability?
Thanks for the info! I think I'll try my hand at removing the outer sheath before I take any other steps. I just hope the cable is braided together under it.
 Just because a phone doesn't have a removable battery or microSD card slot doesn't make it "bad". Yeah. The S5 and all before it have this option, but iPhones have been this way since forever and look how good those did.
My M50s, that I purchased from a fellow Head-fier, came with a very long (6' or so ) Mogami 2534 dual entry cable. It's length and stiffness has always kept me from using them anywhere but home. Does anyone know of a cable I can replace it with, that still has the quality, but isn't so darn stiff and won't break the bank? Thanks.
This new card would go great with the new M9.Side note, I've never been much of a Samsung fan. That physical home button has always bothered me. But that new S6 Edge looks pretty darn cool!
 I can't imagine it'll be that far away. My wife just got Android 5.0 on her S5 via T-Mobile two days ago.
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