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 I think this is a job for Jude and/or Rudi.
 So, does it live up to the hype or is it just an odd shaped FiiO X5/Ibasso DX 50?
I didn't realize there were more forks that were remotely similar. Cool..
  I'd love to try out a MTB with a Lefty fork some time. They've always looked really cool/different to me.
Anyone here use a 3rd gen iPod Shuffle as your daily driver, or maybe even an often used backup? What headphones/iems/buds are you using with it? I have one and am considering bringing it back out of retirement.
 If Person A asks Person B a question and anyone from C - Z knows the answer, they're going to answer. This is what a forum is for. Many people add a description to their photos posted in this thread. Try taking a second or two and read them. Maybe you'll answer your own questions.
 Indeed they are. Just so many UIs to try out. Basically, the same shown info though. However, I find RWGPS to be the nicest looking over all. I've been using Google's My Tracks a lot lately, just because there is an app extension that allows me to control the app from my Pebble watch. So convenient, it's ridiculous. I share my stats on Google+, sometimes.
 Might I mention the app, "Ride With GPS", is quite nice as well. Available on Android and iOS. 
I don't have Xposed installed. I know that it won't work with ART, but I've experienced a battery life increase through out the day.
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