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Recently put our old home stereo in the bedroom, and hooked the inputs up to my headphone's source in a way that they are both going at the same time. Speakers sound too distant, and headphones can sound too intimate. but combine the two at the right volumes and it sounds really good. there is a VERY slightly echoing effect due to the speed of sound being so darn slow, but its not like crappy DSP reverb that dulls the quality. I dunno, its fun. what can I say?
I posted a long time ago about taking the flat Grado comfies, and attaching - best by sewing(even 8th grade life skills sewing skills will do) - the very comfortable cloth from the Senn HD-495 pads on top of them. Although anything comfy will do, I just happened to have those laying 'round. I find that any type of foam is scratchy and/or abrasive and/or hot. So just sewing a thin piece of soft cloth onto any foam pads will make things 10x better.
I've been away for a while, which Sennheiser pads are these that people are putting on their Grados? edit: I've never liked the bowl pads. I just thought it a gimmi that people would get a pair of Grados, throw the bowls into the growing pile, and put something else on. They aren't comfortable, and they don't sound good. What other purpose does a pad serve? But I suppose maybe if you like your music to sound thin and bright....
I find that just plugging my 325s into the 120ohm socket gave them a softer, rounder, sound. The 0ohm can be a little harsh/bright, but it also makes for a tighter sound.
how about this: you get 1 amp for the specific sound qualities you want, then you hook it up to ANOTHER amp for its sound qualities. I've never heard anyone say that one amp was a good match for another amp. You could experiement with this, try to find a NEW sound.
I believe the corda has been tested for completely flat frequency response from insanely low to insanely high frequencies. Logic would say that it would bring out the true sound in whatever pair of cans you have. I have a corda and, until very recently, SR-325. You NEED crossfeed. Need it. No questions. Need it. You like natural sounding music? Need it. Period.
I've sent my 'phones to them twice before. I just sent them there without pre-sheduling it, they didn't charge me, sent them back fixed very quickly. But I think its our of warrenty now, not that I'd know anyway.
"Hi, I completely raped the left driver. Would you please replace it?" not a bad idea, I think I will. Worth a shot, anyway.
are you making fun of me? this is a very traumatic experience. not that my headphones are gone, I'll end up spending more and buying better ones now. You know how much that is going to cost me?
omg, I haven't used these things for ages. how aweful! bleh! I almost don't even want to listen. Everything is muddy and dead, nothing is precise and clear. The imaging sucks. Feels like I'm listening to headphones, not music. but on the plus side, they are about 1/4 the weight.
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