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Just wanted to learn from your experience with LM 45xx or 49xx.  They are indeed used in multiple Hi Fi amplifiers etc. Trust me..  or Google it.. and I do very well know what Fuzz pedals and Fender tube amplifiers etc.   Just wondered if if they configured well in the Walnut... I will check out OPA2134, thought about that one and a bunch of others.. but from reading from specs. and checking out the design by my own eyes... the NE5532 may actually be perfect... only slight...
Which other opamp's have a lower noise floor than the NE5532 in the walnut? Just curious...What's your experience with LM4562 or LME49860? Did they increase/decrease noise floor?  
Very Possible you have a unit that needs exchange...don't have those divergence between r and l channels, although I do understand that each unit may have their variety and our sensitity to noise floor can be individual and what we use the walnut with.. and it is not designed for very sensitive earphones or any complicated multiple driver designs with crossovers and strange impedance swing across the frequencies..  so match up is very specific... and how your iem/headphone...
Volume on my unit is not linear.. but it keeps increasing after 12.. What's your battery life (I get around 25-40 hours with wav files), depending on how much I switch albums/tracks/volume)?  Noise floor is higher than some mainstream DAP, compared to my Plenum D, slightly, but tolerable to my ears.  My ears doesn't notice any significant roll offs, a/b it with other units... but could be my ears or that I like/focus on it's more analog'tube like presentation.. 
It is all about relativity and sensitivity, what you match with the walnut and how you stroke and move the volume nut...and what you're listening to and the images it present in your mind....
 Everything I have thrown at my Walnut, increases volume after 12.... some more less than others.. but to ear a shattering threshold (my ears)...   Ety er4b/s/p, HF400s,HD600, various earbuds from 16ohm to 300ohm..
 I don't remember who it was, it was a very long time ago and it certainly wasn't you.. Yes, ER is one of the few audio gear companies that I actually truly respect, because you stay true to your original product, minor changes, you don't oversell your product as others tend to do in this time and age, but we can still ask questions and I believe the Ety/HF community appreciate this! So we will keep asking.. :-)  Thank you :-)
I find it interesting that the two new version's of the ER-4's have an impedance of 45 Ohm. I understand that it is two new types of single BA drivers, Knowles ED-xxxx or not, but upgraded and what else may surround the driver to approach your ideal freq target better.     However, I remember a very long time ago (+6 years) I read that someone from the Etymotic department mentioned something/somewhere about that they felt that if they had/could released an Ety-4 with the...
This review compares the HD II with the older Zoro.. It may help answer your question. Personally, I think the HD II is a nice upgrade in comfort (better seated on my head) and also with a better balanced sound.   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/very-well-balanced-noontec-zoro-ii-hd#JDvmHptq8woLlEDp.97
 Thanks for sharing your inside knowledge with the Ety community, we are all excited and hanging around. By the way what's your favorite "The Residents" album? I do assume you like this very unique band  :-)
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