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I have had various KSC75 or KSC35's drivers for more than a decade and they do scale up when compared to much more expensive headphones I own/experienced, not saying not equal or better, but an undisputed value.. Yet, I have a very hard time using the KSC75 as an earbud....I guess my ears are too small ;) Is it possible there might be different thread related to the Koss drivers?  I simply can't find it ;)
  My favorite budget earbud.  Baldoor E100 drivers and front cover implanted in the Phillips SHE3800 shell/housing and recabled. Total prize around $15-18 + 20-30 min  of DIY add 5-10 minutes of thinking!.Very comfortable, easy to fit. A balanced, near neutral with a light forward mid range and overall a very impressive transparent sound added a large sound stage. Still experimenting with damping etc.
Just to throw it out there/here and mentioned earlier in this thread by Bloodypenguin I believe .... are quite impressive at their $10 price tag (price keeps changing!)..  Very impressive sound stage, deep bass, slightly harsh upper mid range and a decent treble extension,  overall on the warm side but...
 As I said and I can only refer to my own experience, I contacted the seller that I previously had purchased the 808+ from and the next day he gave me that link and to leave a message to ship the E808+ and they confirmed right after I ordered.  I'm still waiting for these to arrive so time will tell what I actually will receive.  Again, I would contact them before ordering to make sure they still have 808+ in stock and that this is still the right procedure to order them.
 You order this one and leave them in a message that you want E808+ instead.  Maybe a good idea to contact them beforehand to check if this is still the way to purchase the E808+
Up for a sale is a pair of the classic Etymotic ER4-P in great condition and with a new cable.   Included will be original carrying pouch, cleaning/filter removal tool, a couple of different tips and 6.3mm adapter.   Selling price is $xxx incl. free US shipping.   US sale and shipping only.  Paypal only as well.   Please feel free to pm me any questions and I will get back to you as quick as possible.
 Excellent, very enlightning and have fun doing so,  but take into consideration that you had a great time ( I strongly assume and not just a painful experience?) trying all of these earbuds out and that does account for some sort of value to you and not just a sacrifice for a all of us? ;)) 
SOLD   I'm selling a Walnut V2 player/amp incl. various opamps.     OPA2134/2228, LM4562, JRC5532(installed) and two stock TI NE5532   The Walnut sounds great and works perfect but unfortunately I don't have time to use it or play around with opamps and other modifications.    Comes with charger cable and a carrying pouch as well.   Paypal and only US shipping.   $xx incl. free shipping with USPS.
SOLD   I'm selling a four different earbuds that I have briefly tried out and that I don't need anymore if anyone else would like to give them a go..   Ty-Hi-Z 32 Ohm Ty-Hi-Z 150 Ohm RY04 Monk V+ (unused in package)   Only selling them all together and all shipped in one package incl. some various unused foams etc. All units are in great condition, almost new, purchased in Jan 2017, overall only used for a few hours..   Paypal only and incl. free US/USPS...
Just wanted to learn from your experience with LM 45xx or 49xx.  They are indeed used in multiple Hi Fi amplifiers etc. Trust me..  or Google it.. and I do very well know what Fuzz pedals and Fender tube amplifiers etc.   Just wondered if if they configured well in the Walnut... I will check out OPA2134, thought about that one and a bunch of others.. but from reading from specs. and checking out the design by my own eyes... the NE5532 may actually be perfect... only slight...
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