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That also  which is the theoretical paper   links to   the Asia distributor for this system, also a US / Europe distributor as well
Look into   etc
 Goldpoint also has a 47 step attenuator; The mono units cost $136 each. The stereo units cost $246 each.  Heck of a bargain compared to some of these other prices. 
 Hahaha, not enough positions.  OK. Reminds me of a girl I used to date.  
  Do you know their name? What's your opinion of Goldpoint attenuators?
Responding to a few comments recently on Sennheiser HD-800's with an eye (ear?) to making some comparisons with Stax sound...   I used to have a pair of HD-800's. I have a kind of hyperacusis, which makes certain high frequency sounds painful at times; the HD-800's well known treble emphasis became quite unbearable for  me.  Aside from that, the sound of the HD-800 was quite transparent and wonderful and in my opinion the best non-electrostatic sound there is. HD-800's...
Hahaha  Koss ESP-950's.   Best electrostatic sound you can get for ~$750  all in.  (ESP-950's include an amp.) Not Stax, though- excellent sound, but different from Stax. Stax on a budget, I'd look for a used T1 with a pair of Lambdas of some kind.  Some folks like the old low-bias Lambdas, others like the high-bias Lambda Pro's. I have a pair of Lambda Signatures which I got with a T1 for about $800. Love them.  (I also love my ESP-950's.) Lambda Signatures have the...
40 DIY T2's?  Wow.  And mine's still not done!   You know, I'm tired of waiting for it to finish building itself- maybe I should intervene.
  I see, OK, that's good to confirm.  Thanks.
 Very interesting. Thanks for the actual information / experience.
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