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I agree, maybe Head-Fi should offer it?  Perhaps do a group buy or donation pool to afford some demo sets we could vote on, have them insured, issue them out to anyone with good feedback who wants to try them for a few days and then send it directly to the next person in line.     I think that would be pretty awesome :\
I have had a gap in my heart ever since I got to hear it a few months ago.  I made a huge mistake in buying the LCD2, as I ended up hating it.  It just didn't mesh with me as much as the He500 did.  There is a great chance I will end up buying them for myself sometime soon.  I didn't enjoy the size of the can or the terrible cable, but the sonic qualities were enough to satisfy me. It and the T1 were the only hi fi sets I would want to keep for myself.
If it is a dual entry set of headphones...what the HELL are the antennae for?  Its like the designers literally sat down and said HMM lets put these giant ugly rods on here for no reason at all.  It certainly can't be for clamping reasons because most of the sets in that line are light on clamp...Just the leather band should have been there and nothing else.  My goodness designers today are just awful
m2c smashes the pk2, so bump that off your list plz
Oh man, you just made a huge mistake in saying that haha.  Even I can't save you from what is about to happen...well maybe I can.  I'll take the spotlight off you and say the LCD3 will be a clone of the LCD2, it will require insane levels of amplification and still come with a terrible cable that is almost unusable, will still have the worst positional accuracy of all the hi fi sets and still not sound great on all genres.  At $2000 it better be the most well rounded and...
  So happy to be out of hi fi audio and not investing into companies that could care less about comfort.  I wish Grado would prove me wrong and sway me back into hifi, let me design them a set of headphones and then give it to me for free lol...that is the only way I'll ever use them.  
When is grado going to offer pads that don't need to be replaced by Sennheiser pads?
The difference is minimal unless one of the cables is very poor quality.  I mean, a $1 cable from the dollar store or something wont sound as good as the mogami cables for example, you'll notice some haze, tinnish highs and bloated bass vs a decent cable and better   its the difference from the decent cable to the expensive cables that I just dont hear much of a difference in.  The stock hd598 cable is somewhere between the dollar store and decent, so any upgrade is...
Thats not how the J3 works.  You get 4 PAGES of pre sets, all of them have a purpose.  All of the non reverb presets are well thought out and make sense to the genre, I think Jazz is the best, it retains a big sound with the best clarity but I also have a few presets I use for certain songs.  You can also save your own custom EQs and you have a TON...repeat...A TON of options to select.  You will hear a difference and it only takes a few taps to get to the EQ menu, tap...
It seems the SA-43 is pretty much everything I have ever wanted, I am weary about the price tag though, naturally. I was looking for the custom with the absolute largest stage, but again over a grand might be pushing it for my budget and I might want to try the 1964 ears or maybe the yet cheaper livewires first...not sure what to do.  
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