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Thunderpants ( $550ish )  + Schiit Lyr ( $450 )  Right on budget  :)  
  LOL.  I won't touch on that.
My displeasure resided mostly in its lack of comfort.  Sonic Qualities were excellent, by far the best I have ever heard.  If it were smaller and had a nicer headband like the HiFiMan HE500, came with a nicer cable and was a "Jack of all Trades" I would definitely pick it up again.     Until then, I feel pretty much like Mr. Peg in this gif and would do the same thing to the Audeze as he did to the kid on the bike :)  
the AKGs are just too big and clunky for me to consider comfortable.  While they have almost no clamp at rest on my ears nicely, its like a comfortable lead weight on my head...it gets automatically excluded from any debate about comfortable headphones for me :)
You can always sell blood, plasma and other bodily functions, start a bake sale, sell something on craigslist for 10x what it is worth, toss some paint at a  piece of paper and hope there is a millionaire out there who thinks you are brilliant.  Lots of ways to help fund expensive audio equipment jkjk :)    
Wonderful, the set is know for a nice midrange
Consider the Fischer Audio FA003 as well
When I got it, it must have been on sale and I assumed that was the normal price.  I'll be paying more next time I try to buy it, it seems.  The normal price was $899 but I caught it on sale for a $799 at Head Direct a while back
It is also worth noting that Crossfeed doesn't seem to mesh well with it like it does in the HD 598 or a host of other sets I've come to love recently.  Maybe it is just the Orthos fault, as the LCD2 sucked with crossfeed as well.   Huge dip in clarity and an odd sense of ambiance settled over me when it was enabled. Perhaps it would be a different story if I used a great amp with some Crossfeed abilities.   Would love some feedback on the higher end amps with crossfeed...
New Posts  All Forums: