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My first thoughts on the HD650 were always "EWW" as if my cat were some type of ninja and is trying to smother me with a dryer sheet, something I can easily breathe through but requires a bit more effort to get through the veil.  As Non from Superman on Family Guy says.  "Thats a minor inconvenience."   to that I said "ya, well you that"   How about you get a nice set of headphones with high efficiency and a mediocre amp?  
:P   Blood and Plasma are in short supply, hospitals would see a crap load more people just die off quickly without blood and plasma donors.  Sperm donors, However.  Thats a different story :)
I am "this" close to buying the Livewire Quads.  I want them so bad I can taste it.  Mmm...plastic and acrylics...mmmm   O.o
I could care less if Radio feels it should not be listed, I'll post it anyway and there aint nuttin you can do about it.  I'm proud of my favorite song.  Other Favorites include Waves by Guthrie Govan, Pretty much the entire Andy James self titled album, the Superman Theme and a ton of other theme songs from Mr. Williams :)   nah nah nee nahhh nahhhhh     
I've entered as well, free stuff is always great.  After losing my T1 last year I've been dying to get my hands on one of their newer models but never got the chance to listen to this model as of yet!   my favorite song is For Sephora by the Rosenberg Trio as seen here  
I like mine, I was given a demo beta set a few weeks ago.  I am not allowed to say much other than what type of sound it offers :P  
I loved all the BeB models, I really enjoyed the Reds.  Have you gotten to hear the HDSS 27 model?  It is quite nice, a good balanced neutral sound sig.  
Are you going to use them for Shooters like Battlefield or Call of Duty, where you need to pinpoint sounds?  If not, then I recommend you get the Denon D1100.  It is small, light, comfortable, easily driven and has a hell of a lot of bass.  You can then get cheap clip on mic for under 10 bucks on ebay that will attach to the cable of the headphones than hangs down.     Thats the best bassy solution for gaming without the need to poinpoint sounds, just to enjoy the...
added a few new things :)
Fischer Audios FA003
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