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Brutal Honesty is my favorite type of Honesty. Great job and thank you for not babying anyone or anything in that review <3
Im going to have to disagree strongly with you, I did use the stock opamp on the UHA4 and found it noticeably more sibilant and ugly in the highs vs all of the others on pretty much all my headphones.  Just how my ears picked it up so I guess if you feel differently I cannot say much else :D   <3
 sold sold    
I am in a tough spot right now, I am more interested in my own thunderpants.  I think I would like to try that first and if it fails to satisfy me, the HE500 is all thats left as it was the only hifi set that really clicked with me
I'm considering selling my recabled HD 598, not sure though.  I love it too much but am looking for a significant upgrade :[
I just recently had all the slims together.  The TTVJ was easily the best in pure sound quality but the most unportable of them all.  Not only is it too long but the input and output jacks are on opposite sides of the amplifier.  A serious design flaw if you want to use it while its in your pocket, you will mess up the audio jacks easily.  It was a broad and wider experience, the best stage presentation of the slim lot and was without question the most punchy sounding....
PC with Foobar2000 > E7 > E9 > Headphones will be a good combo.  How good for the HD 595 is a mystery for me, its been forever since Ive heard it.  But, this combo is excellent with my HD 598.  Remember the E7 is only 25% amp and 75% Dac, odds are great it will not power full size cans nicely, it doesnt have enough output to do them justice.     Also look into using Wasapi if you haven't already, a free codec addon for Foobar that will increase sound quality over...
Well, I might have to apologize for the misinformation about the quads.  When I searched for livewire customs on my tablet, this came up.   The first link seemingly was the right link as I had heard livewires was under new management.  The page linked me to a new website so I assumed this was their new company webpage.  Here, there is a Quad driver model for $589, just a few...
The budget version of this with the Fiio E9 replacing the Lyr.    
When are one of you lo down mo fos around this town gonna sell me yur 003?    
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