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What full size can would you recommend for me, a man with a $700 budget in a closed back set with a vast soundstage.  Could be a headphone + amp combo   Should I be looking into customs?  I am really on the fence, I've owned so many of the hifi headphones and just don't want to sit around a receiver and giant amp, I like the freedom to move around but have no experience in custom buds so I am not at all sure of what to expect.  I've just read LFFs review of the new...
A mid fi priced closed back dynamic driver is more clear than the HD800?  More Dynamic even, better separation and bass quality and quantity?  That is a tall order and I am having trouble believing it! ( not that I dont trust yah ) but man that makes me want to hear them for myself, sounds like something I have wanted for years.     How is the headband? I cant find any front side images of it, I want to see what it looks like on someones head to judge the gaps on the...
So I just got a new receiver, having some troubles right out of the box.  First and most obvious is the lack of volume and wattage this thing claims it pumps out.  Said 800w, lots of volume, blah blah   Turn out the thing cant drive earbuds...EARBUDS!  The unit has a media player input as well as SD card and usb, with the volume on high levels on the first source and the volume knob cranked up, you can barely hear anything, it was also heavily distorted.  What could...
I feel bad, I run my M2C for at least a few hours a day for the past few weeks and have not had any problems.  If it already crapped out on you then it just a defect, happens very often with earbuds.  I've had tons of brand new well rated headphones that arrived DOA or failed soon after.  So ya, I feel bad if that is the case which it does seem like.      
The 501 stage is larger in width and height, but at what cost?  It doesn't mesh at all with all genres and its just not " as good " or " made as much sense " to my ears when I had it and its big brother the K701 a few months ago.     In this case, it really isn't the size that counts, its how it is used :D  And I think the HD 598 is just more enjoyable.
Oh my god, that is the coolest sticker I have ever seen.
I don't see how that is remotely possible. It would be harder to use with one cable sticking out of one side, and the lod cable on the other, you just increased the length of the setup significantly and if its in a case or pouch you would need yet a larger case to hold it all, thus adding even more weigh and pressure on whichever end is pointed toward the ground in your pocket.        
Yea, we all hear differently hehe, but I feel confident enough to say if anyone else compares them, the UHA4 highs will be the least clear and most harsh.  But, the lows and mids were very nice, as was the stage.     Definitely, it is a desk or listening station amp and is fully capable of driving larger cans.  If you dont plan to ever use it in your pocket or inside a bag and want something small that doesn't take up space, I would recommend it all day long.  ( I...
Brutal Honesty is my favorite type of Honesty. Great job and thank you for not babying anyone or anything in that review <3
Im going to have to disagree strongly with you, I did use the stock opamp on the UHA4 and found it noticeably more sibilant and ugly in the highs vs all of the others on pretty much all my headphones.  Just how my ears picked it up so I guess if you feel differently I cannot say much else :D   <3
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