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When you gonna buy me my own HE500, Toaster?  Just curious :3
Oh ya, I'm with you 100% on that.  I try to buy used right here on Head Fi, keeps things simple, high resale value, trusted members.  Been here for years and never once had an issue, I have retailer issues pretty much every time I try to buy brand new. Sometimes retail prices are just too high but for $120-$170 used, the HD 598 is an incredible deal :D
*drumming and flute sounds in the distance growing closer playing a Patriotic song     At full blown retail price of roughly $250?  Hmm, there are only a few sets that can best it in sound quality, none can match its overall bang for the buck factor.  At $250 new you can get the Dre Beats, a Grado 225i, possibly a K701 on sale, a Shure 940 and a Beyer DT series of your choosing, AD900 and an Ultrasone Pro 750   None of them are as well rounded or as user...
So its competition for ye old thunderpants? If the thunderpants is a step down from the lcd2, and the HD 800 is about two and a half steps down from the lcd2, but the high edition is in fact a step up from the hd800 naturally by logic oops I just went crosseyed
Lol ya, I've never had a receiver with no volume at all claim such things. Heh, like saying you've got a million badgillion dollars, basically the same thing here, the ad says high output yet offers hardly enough to drive earbuds rofl
Ya it was on sale lol so I figured why not Its output is too low to be amped on Max volume, direct connection is like a whispered...I'm sad but happy I can return it, still upsetting though.
Technical pro rx35u 800w Said it drives and powers hefty speaker and headphone loads, I get almost no volume out of it on highest volume, can hardly hear music out of earbuds let alone my very easily driven speakers. Not sure what the prob is as other reviewers claim super high volume Rx35u to RCA cable to headphones or speakers gives me only just audible volume on Max settings
I've decided on a PB2 and HE300 for now :\    
which ever, i dont care lol, im just interested in what other people are currently enjoying a lot, looking for some models that might catch me eye and such
Couldn't justify the price and didn't feel okay walking around and about outside with it on.  Also required too much power to sounds its best, no portable amp, not even the SR71b did it justice.  Only large and powerful full sized amps made it sound truly special.     Anyway, its way over my budget this time :P
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