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Definitely laughing. If some users don't like it, they should stop asking me for my view and immediately bashing me for not agreeing. :)  These users aren't GOD and are not qualified to judge my views as incorrect or not. I don't ask you for your views, I don't care in the slightest for them, thats why I say to hell with everyone elses view, follow your own and listen to yourself instead of others. Follow YOUR HEART, not mine. I have yet to call anyones views flat out...
Looking for a used HE500
You literally asked me a question and blasted me for answering it.  No matter how many times you assume something, twist my words or boast that your view is basically GOD compared to mine I can only just say what I have said since day 1   To each his own, don't let anyone sway you from what you love. I would love to see the quote of my own that said the Beyer T1 had poor construction.  In case you didn't know, the Edition 8 squeaks a hell of a lot, the Ruth scratches when...
If you have one for sale, please let me know :)
It is ALL Hype.  If there were no Hype, there would be no Head Fi.  Value ends when you ignore the fact that you just paid near a grand for poor build quality, excessive need for amplification in the current age, poorly design overall and a failure to be acceptable for listening to multiple genres.   Where did the common sense go?  Nobody should have to explain any of that to anyone.  All Hobbyists will defend their gear to the death no matter how silly it is. Nobody...
oh my goodness I LOVED the samurai collections
I was the guy who said I was burned out :D    Edit:  Was coaxed by my friends at a Halloween bash tonight to skip the He300 and aim for the He500 instead.  I think it might be a wiser option for me right now anyway.  I know myself too well, as I did enjoy the HE 500 very much while I had it, I will definitely long for it if I get the HE300.  I am just so weak willed when it comes to audio :D        
Sure, I've sent it in a PM to you, enjoy!   The sheer density of hate mail I received was staggering...absurdly so.  Rofl.  It is definitely a great read and showcases users needs to fit in and provide sustenance for their Ego...that whole "Jump On the Bang Wagon" thing as I call it.     User 1 misquotes me or makes it seems like I've said something I did not, perhaps saying I said "blue" when I actually said "Yellow".  Then user 2-50 agree with user 1 due to an...
Nope, didn't receive it yet, got to listen to it recently and enjoyed it but haven't posted any review yet :)   Not sure if anyone wants to read my reviews anymore after that LCD2 review I posted...darn Biohazard Zombie outbreak that was...Idk, we'll see :P
I like Pez, too.  Make sure its orange and cherry flavor :P   I am actually very sad to see my HD 598 go, I loved it dearly for a long time but just crave a larger sound stage.  Found it in the HE300 so I salute you HD 598, for all your worth.  You will always hold a special place in my <3    
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