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I'm super happy about my 77 likes, I had no idea anyone else liked it heh! 
My top desired qualities are all best presented in my JVC Virctor DX-1000s.  Nothing else has hit home this hard to my ears.  Extremely satisfying in every way.     1.  Soundstaging qualities - How large, how vast, sense of depth and detachment from reality 2.  Coloration/level of musicality - My preferred setup is a moderately warm low end with a natural midrange and smooth highs that are not bright, seductive...neutral and monitor sound isn't musical to me 3....
$75 shipped and they are yours.  These are my favorite mid tier iem, bar none.  Excellent comfort and balanced sound.  Looking for a quick sale, please PM me if you are interested.   -mike   sale pending
  My Blue/Orange version will be here next week.
Updated and thank you for the support
Wowsa, that red is so sexy
So basically, I was spot on with my predictions about this model?  
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