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I hired Brian to mod my JVC DX1000 headphones.  He did an incredible job and far exceeded my expectations in every way.  I can't recommend BTG audio enough.  WOW!    
More information on these amps and my rig here       Overall Clarity via the Apex Butte and Fiio E10   Its important to know that the stock version I owned came with a nice fabric laced cable with a stunning wooden adapter plug.  While it sounded and felt great, it was just too damned long for me ( lol...) so I contracted a hired assassin who happened to have a business for modding headphones.  BTG Audio was the only recabler and modder who didn't try to...
    A long time ago, at an audio meet far, far away...I'm talking decades ago in Audiophile years, way back in early 2008!  I passed on the chance to hear the JVC Victor DX1000, I really hadn't thought much of it due to the astronomical price tag.  Giant wooden headphones that looked like a radar dish on the persons head who was demoing them.  Now, I've attended an Art Institution for the past 10 years or so, I am absolutely a true master when it comes to drawing still...
Howdy, I had my DX1000 recabled so I would like to sell this stock DX1000 cable.  Its very beautiful, roughly 9ft long end to end and has a nice wooden quarter inch adapter plug.  It has a few nicks, the cable is high quality and sounds great.  This would make a woodie recable really shine.   Not sure what I would like to get, I am entertaining offers. Please PM me if you are interested.   -Mike
  Ya! Melissa at Sony was super nice and replied near instantly to me after I told them I hadn't gotten an initial reply back in three months or so.  I look forward to testing it out with my Bottlehead crack and modded JCV DX1Ks. 
  I feel your pain, I experienced similar things on my own.   My heart actually sank when I read your post, my experiences were similar.  The intent was to inspire recycling audio parts and would could be done, whats more inspiring than saving a life with something recycled?   -Mike
I have two sets of Golden Crystals I would like to trade for something.  Not sure what, got an offer?  PM ME! These earbuds sell for $190 NEW and I've two of them for ya if you are interested in trading, just one or both! :)   -mike
Looking for a Dac of equal value to trade for my Hisoundaudio Golden Crystal IEM.  They retail for $190, I have two of them and would like to sell one or trade it for a Dac.  Entertaining offers, please PM me if you have one   -mike
I just got back from overseas, I got to hear the MA900.   I wouldn't place it on par with or above the HD650, but its certainly a step below.  This is an excellent set of headphones and Sony just replied to me and said they will be shipping my set out for review tomorrow.  Look out for my review, I'll post a link to it here when I am finished.  I really liked these headphones, my predictions weeks ago about them were spot on.  
i still love you :\
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