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Hello, I've decided to list my Bottlehead for sale.  I prefer a more forward sound signature, but this amp is absolutely beautiful and stunning in every way, its the ideal amp for the Sennheiser headphones.  The amp is in great condition and comes with the power cable and a spare RCA to mini cable. 5 tubes are also included     Westinghouse 6080 RCA 6AS7G Amperex ECC82 RCA Clear Top 12AU7A Electro Harmonix 12AU7A/ECC82   This price includes shipping,...
Both are wonderful and depend heavily on your rig.  I prefer the forward sound and the user friendly nature of Solid State amplification.  One thing I didn't mention is that the Bottlehead is capable of much more when great tubes.  My Amperex ecc82 and RCA 6AS7G combo is absolutely awesome and they are relatively cheap, like $20-30 a piece.  Some of the tubes I have sound noticeably smaller, more potent in the bass than the Butte but less clear, ect ect. The above...
  I agree.  The Sony is better than the 1840.
  Enjoy :)                      
    When some of the stereo left channel plays inside the right side, and some of the right audio plays inside of the left.  Usually makes for a more complete sound out in front of you, center image is more complete but at the cost of the presentation being dimmed and more distant.  Some headphones benefit from this, most don't. 
Congrats Wir3D!!! I wonder how many of us around these parts are going to try to build more guns out of headphone parts in the future.
Why not just carry a Boombox on your shoulder if you go the Denon Route?  They leak more sound than the semi open back Fidelio L1 and are vastly inferior build quality and a nice long cable that makes sure you can't take it out.  The L1 has equal isolation and a lot more bass, much more clear and MUCH more potent, yet is very stylish and has a detachable cable option with a short portable cable included?  Meh, what a terribly overlooked Headphone the Fidelio L1 is...sad
None of the above, the Philips Fidelio L1 is for you
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