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What ever happened to just enjoying your gear and the music, instead of worrying about how a machine tells you they might sound.
  This is head fi, a place where users will endorse headphones with poison tipped spikes sticking out of them and into your face so long as they sound good.  The truth is I am sure they sound really nice, but they remind me of Beats.  Denon went the way of making them look less attractive and more like something an average consumer will wear.  The D5000 and D7000 were beautiful, this new lineup is a downgrade in aesthetics.  Denon said they tried to make it more...
I left the crack visible but repaired it myself before I sent it out to BTG.  I like Battle Scars
  Ugh, sorry I asked lol.
  I am confused here because there is a slight paradox in your comment, you found the smooth broad minimally impacting bass of the DX1000 to be More painful than the TH900 bass that you said has slam?  My head just exploded...the smooth and relaxed bass is more painful than the slamming bass of the TH900?  You trashed one of the best headphones out there by saying something with totally different qualities " left it in the dust".  Not sure that is at all fair to say and I...
For the few interested, apparently  
  lol.    When did I say it was better just because it was more bassy?
Its cream soda, not beer.  Twas' my dinner, I didn't go to bed that night and kept funky hours after a trip overseas.
I was kidding
  You can trade your new Vmoda gear for a used DX1000 <3
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