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I wish someone would loan me their 950 and energizer for a day or two :[
None of the Above.  i have a set of Philips Fidelio L1 ( $299 ) and a set of T1s sitting here in front of me and I have no clue why the T1 is priced beyond $199.  Might want to look into the AKG K550 or something similar to that <3
How the hell does this thread only have 3 pages...
The L1 is still my favorite mid tier can.  I may or may not get a review unit of the new M1 which uses similar drivers to the L1, so far the M1 is almost everything I've ever dreamed of in a true portable headphone.  Time will tell! 
  Thank you very much
  I think Val edited it late at night, I missed that I was the runner up.  Idk what that entails but I am happy to even be considered for anything.  Val, if I did win an M100, any chance you can sign the top of the headband for me before it gets sent out.  :) 
  I'm going to call you on a few points you have made.  First would be have you ever actually built a headphone from scratch?  Do you have any idea how hard it is to put everything together and come out with a win? Its not easy to tune headphones to tailor a specific sound.  Hold the manufacturers accountable?  I am not sure any headphone designer wants you to be overly analytical with your experience.  Ask Val from Vmoda if he created his company so you can listen to...
  Welcome to Head Fi, the place where people buy $10,000 audio rigs, freely trade their gear for other experiences and go to local headphone meets.  Its not viable to normal consumers, who here is a normal consumer?  Who here pays $2000 for a TH900 based only on its plot points?  Nobody.  If you are paying that much for your rig odds are good ( the wise consumer ) you will try to gain some real world experience with other gear before you blindly shell out thousands for...
  I weep for the future of audio.  Say goodbye to the journey and experience of listening to many headphones and pieces of gear and just zeroing in on something you've never heard, purely based on a graph.  Graphs will never be more trustworthy, everyone hears differently.  Subjectivity is essential in sketching the bigger picture when it comes to information.  You gather intelligence from as many sources as possible from as many different ears as you can.  Plotting is...
Congrats Alpha! I am super jealous :P  Dang, I thought I was a shoe in for the win with all those likes on Vmodas facebook page, just goes to show anything is possible I guess.  Make sure to give us a detailed review on the M100 once you spend some time with them!!    -Mike
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