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They were $649 on Newegg not that long ago and I had a 20% off coupon for Headphones that went right to my spam box and I didn't see it until weeks after its deadline.  I bought a computer and it came with a 20% thank you for buying this expensive computer from us, here is a 20% off thing for any headphones.  Kicking myself........
  +1000   Not one of your friends who tote the beats around will be able to listen to your Vmoda and say  " I made the right choice "
very   rolling pop culture reference is acceptable right now :)
:[   If only I could walk...  T_T
I agree, its the only one with a real story behind it.  I asked myself 8 questions regarding it:   1.  Why isn't he wearing pants? 2.  Is he pretending to drive a motorcycle or pilot a Bomber of some type? 3.  He might need to wax those legs, I wonder if he knows any good waxing kits he could recommend me? 4.  What does Veni Vidi Vici have to do with Audio and headphones?  Its so mysterious and tantalizing! 5.  Should I thank my favorite Deity that he plugged...
  I change my profile picture at least a few times a month.  Life is too short, why not change it up very often?
I have a .gif on hand for everything
  I am not a fan of Beyerdynamic, I prefer a slightly warm and musical experience.  Beyer sound is not musical to me, clarity on the T1 was not as good as the cheaper Orthos or the DX1K.  Side by side with the DT880 600ohm you can easily hear why there are so many people who think its a rip off. The best advice to offer is to find out what the general sound type of each headphone you have on your list actually has.  Is it warm, is it well rounded to most people, is it...
      I feel like this right now
Head Fi hates this headphone because its warm on the low end and very musical with potent bass.  Very clear and powerful, deep reaching bass.  A nice Big soundstage, check my review on the L1.  Its highly musical, so it won't be popular here.  Its not analytical, its fun to use and extremely well built.  The best build quality in that price tier that I am aware of.  Its my favorite mid fi headphone.  BUT! The Beyers are more neutral and monitorish sounding than the...
New Posts  All Forums: