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I received nothing, i guess im not a winner?  Thought i was the runner up for an m100
I never got one either, but Bentley only has 7 posts on the forum so it might take a while.  Not sure what the new user PM limits are..
  Thanks! I'll make sure to be more relaxed on the next vid.  More pics!          
Will Bently contact us through Facebook or are we supposed to contact him?
My first video review, please go easy on me! I was very nervous talking to the camera! Rate and Comment please!  
She comes with 5 tubes, an RCA cable and the power cable. Its in great condition and sounds pretty amazing to my ears.    asking what I paid recently for it $225 shipped.
First off let me say this headphone could very well be the best closed back headphone out there.  The only reason I am interested in selling it is because I am considering a serious upgrade to the Stax 009.  This headphone is by far, bar none my favorite closed back.  The sound signature is lush, spacious and slightly warm on the low end.  Comfort is excellent, the set is easily driven and does not require a lot of amplification at all to sound immensely satisfying.  It...
Well 3 faders are better than 2   And Val, can you please send me an email with any details about shipping, plates or color schemes I might be entitled to?  I will be going on extended vacation and prefer to speak through email.  I will send you a PM with my contact information.  Please look out for it, so excited to hear the M100 :)   -mike
I think Kojaku deserves something for posting so many questions and being so overexcited about this contest.  Val, give him some faders or something :)
I am shocked beyond belief nobody wants this cable...
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