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I never said I wanted an upgrade :)  I don't think any cables out there will do this headphone any justice what so ever, Brian at BTG audio agreed with me and nailed my thoughts in his own words in a conversation we had today.     A different cable style with different innards will change the DX1K...copper is less likely, but still might change it.  Silver is out of the question.  I am looking for the same sounding cable, if anything is changed even a little, then I...
FA011 is a new replacement for the last FA011. $old   The Hisoundaudio Golden Crystal is one of the best iems I've ever used.  It sells for $190 new.  Mine is used and I am selling it at $80 shipped in hopes of a quick sale
You are the second person I've heard of that this happened to.  I have no idea what caused it but I am glad whatever it was ended up fixed after you were done poking it.  I really enjoy my FA011, one of my favorite open backs.  
I'll give Qusp a ring.  Not sure Chris likes me so much after I posted my thoughts on cable upgrades :P
  This is 100% truth, I am unbiased in my reviews and quite harsh, if Sony can't handle the heat, its their loss not mine :P  Sony knows I think their design team is made up of people with IQs under 50 or total, also that I hate headbands and poor build quality and would certainly make my thoughts on those two areas quite prominent in my review.  Thankfully, I am off the reviewing thing and on perma-vacation from it with some exceptions.  I made Hisound and...
^ this is a big reason why I don't do anymore reviews unless companies ask me to write something up, I'm super jealous of you for this haha! but at the same time I'd like nothing more than to tell Sony never to contact me again, I've just about had it with their nonsense and won't be doing sony reviews ever again.  Years of being ignored is enough, lol.  Drop me a PM when you post your review or videos, I am still interested in your impressions.
  This is where I tell Sony to stick it really far up thar' for not replying to my requests for one or actually calling me back.  :P
Thanks for the support 
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