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FA011 sold
I redid my entry.    
  Thats a hell of a deal, congrats.  The Living is not really musical to my ears, I prefer a different sound for music enjoyment.  This model was intended to be used as a Monitor.       Thats very hard to answer.  Comparing full size to earbuds just isn't fair.  I hope you enjoy them as well, if not, there are plenty of other great buds out there.     No.  The Mx980 is still the most well rounded earbud with the most applications.  It has the best build quality from top...
kick his wallets ass trubrew   Cuz your the best...aroundddddd, nothings gonna ever keep ya down.  * awesome guitar solo
Crap, I've been having facebook problems.  I hope mine made it into the entry in time.  
^ I haven't, no
heh, our experiences are vastly different :P   my dx1K has a terrible seal, I mean there is a gap on the underside that I can stick things into haha, it seals so poorly and my DK7 fit snugly onto my ears.  This could also be a warped headband problem but I don't really SEE anything wrong, doesnt meant its not there, clearly something is wrong if I am not getting any seal at all.  Seriously, its very loose fitting, hardly any clamp on my set.  I also hear nothing but...
What areas of soundstaging do your ears pick up on that sound superior to the jvc?  I can give wideness the trophy in that respect, but height and broadness, especially with vocals seem larger and more coherent, stage depth and overall imaging to my ears seemed better in the Dx1000 but not by that much.   Coherency is a huge factor for me, something about the presentation just does it for me, something the Denon cant and ends up sounding a bit artificial.  I would not...
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