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1.  JVC DX1000 2.  ATH WX5000 / 3000 3.  JVC DX700 4.  Highly Modded Denon D7000/5000 5.  Audio Technica ES10
Howdy, asking $165 for the Asgard.  Please pm with me with questions, do not post here :)   SOLD
This iem sells for $190 new, I am selling mine for $75 shipped.  Please let me know if you are interested through PM, do not post here ;)   -mike
Phiaton sold
Howdy, looking for a used Bottlehead crack of at least the last generation, willing to trade an Asgard + cash for it
    I hope you enjoy them and I am happy they fit you nicely.  As some have said in the past, the MX980 has some nasty fit issues with the minority of listeners.  I was one of them, I just couldn't get a good fit no matter what I did.  As I sit here A/Bing my Hisound Live and Phiaton MS400, I don't really want to continue using the MS400.  I just recently purchased it again and am regretting it.  My Live is noticeably better in every way.  Clarity, sound staging,...
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