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Chris....Gangstah!    btw, I saw one of your videos recently and noticed your LCD2 looks super flat in the earpads, are those just so heavily used the pads no longer angle, or are they different from the stock pads Audeze provides?  They look so slim on your head bro!
Thank you for those kind words.  
looking for a used L1
Might be interested in selling my Crack :P   Asking $225 for it, in great shape and comes with a space Rca cable, power cable and some tubes
The Philips Fidelio L1 definitely needs to be put on this list! 
Tough call between these three I made, leaning towards the portal guy with headphones.  Whadda guys think?                       
  My ideals? Since when do normal people wear $800 headphones around with giant portable rigs, or purchase Amps to run their poorly designed and expensive headphones?  These are not my ideals no matter how many users try to make that fact look like its my own idea on how things are.  Thats solid fact.  No normal human, no sane person would stand for such inefficiency today, no normal person would ever be caught dead paying $800 for and LCD2 when its so large and bulky....
36 pages of users apparently cared enough to debate the topic.
You guys are being far too literal and did not read what I actually typed.  I said it did not plot extremely well, it wasn't special.  I never once said it plotted poorly so your justifications are mute points flapping in the breeze, points you made up just to justify your purchases.  Sad I had to explain that out for some of the readers here...   Soundstaging qualities are very important to me, but thats cool if you don't care about it. Opinions are just opinions....
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