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Which items are people using. Currently I have the meelectronic a161p but they distort at high volume. Looking for an upgrade.
Thinking of getting these as a replacement to the meelectronics a161p.  Worth it?
I having trouble noticing any difference after this.  Is it because I bought my player from Japan and it maybe doesn't have a volume cap?  I have an option in the settings for AVLS (volume limit) - which I always uncheck.  Do you have this option or is it on Japan devices only? I also have two options for Clear Phase and xLoud (built in speaker and WM-port speaker) do I tick all of these?  What about the Clearphase for the Headphones - do I tick that?
 As do I, usually.But with no EQ and no enhancements the player is sounding disappointing.
What EQ are people using? Ive been using the ClearAudio+ thing, which after a while becomes quite boomy and tiring. I've tried turning everything (sound enhancements) off and it sounds a little tiny.
THanks, weirdly the SQ seems much better now.  Could it be something to do with the v1.10 update that I recently installed?     I now think battery life is the only downside to this player.  I have a Sony xperia phone which lasts days (almost a week) without charging.  I can see having the charge this player several times a week.   Does it have to be charged from a computer or can I charge it from the mains?
Can users of this player please tell me how much battery life you actually get?   Do people completely turn the player off when they're not using it?   I can't believe that my player is normal.  Like another user above said, you can actually see the battery level going down live.   Right now I'd have to charge my player half way through the day.  My commute is only 45 minutes long!  That means I can listen to about 2 albums and that's it.  And that's with wifi turned...
Can anyone advise on getting the best sound out of this player? I've got a pair of Audio Technica ATH Es55 and some Meelectronics a161p IEMS. But the sound isnt' great out of either. There's a lack of power, seperation and clarity. I'm also finding it quite fatiguing after a while as I have to put the volume up as I try to get more clarity. Do people use the ClearAudio+ option with non-Sony supplied headphones? What settings to people us generally? Also the battery...
I thought the ZX1 had a headphone amplifier - inside that bulge on the back?  I don't think the F886/7 has one which is making me wonder if it will sound as good, on its own, as the s:flo2.
Considering getting one of these, but I'm wondering if the sound is as good as the s:flo2.  Anyone have experience of both players?  The s:flo2 has serious amplification, and I'm just concerned this Sony player won't quite get to the level of the s:flo2.  What is this Sony players amplication like?  I don't tend to use hard to drive headphones (I tend to use either a set of IEMS, some Audio Technica ATH-ES55, and very occasionally some Sennheiser HD25-1) and I prefer not...
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