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 I am not familiar with Macs but on Windows, I usually use a third party program to format the card into FAT32.
 Shouldn't be any trick.  You should be able to snap it off with some solid (but not fingernail breaking) pull/force.  No need to use fingernails or anything like that.  Do you have any pictures of the connection area?
I have to agree with HiFiChris.   I love the DX90 pairing with the SE846 due to the treble presentation and the midbass hump which really fills out whats lacking on the Shure.  I love that black background.   However, the DX80 also has a really really enjoyable sound signature.  Smoother sound but just as dynamic with more controlled bass.  Coupled with the better screen and more responsive UI, it's really easy to use on the go or in the office.  I am also a huge fan...
Any initial comparisons to the AK100II?
I actually do own both so any questions you have I can try to answer them.
 Only DX90 has a replaceable battery FYI.
Let me know what you got!  Original accessories and a Dignis case included would be ideal.
 Sounds good to know!  Now I need to find a great deal on one.  There was a guy selling one on eBay for $500 with a black dignis case but I think I missed out on it. As for the soundstage, I would say that its probably more likely due to the intimate sound that comes from the K10 more than the actual size of the soundstage.  I would say Jelt's review of the K10 sums it up perfectly in while that the sizing may be good, it doesn't feel that way when you're actually...
 No worries.  I love writing about great audio gear and the SE846 is no exception.  Still haven't played around with EQ settings and other filters so I think I might just do that for now.   Don't have the U12 and never had a chance to hear it.  Sorry.
Had a good week to listen to the SE846 (thanks to all the snow) and compare it with the K10's (at least from memory).  The SE846 is using modded blue filters running from a DX90.   Treble: K10 definitely more extended.  Detail level is pretty similar though once again I think K10 has a slight edge due to the better extension.  K10 definitely has a bit more sparkle (but not much) but it still isn't as enjoyable as it could be.  Both are kind of lacking the air and...
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