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 I believe FiiO has stated that the new X5 will be the same price as the current one.  However, this DAP definitely seems interesting since I have never heard a Burr-brown chip before. I kind of agree that UI isn't that big of an issue as long as its passable.  I also have no use for the wifi capabilities as well since I don't use any streaming services.  The more simple the device the better.  If I really cared about all the other features, I would probably rather just...
This player looks very tempting.  Reading a lot of the impressions seems that this would make a really good combination with my K10's.  I have always enjoyed the Sony house sound from their original Walkman from years ago.   Looking at other DAP's, it seems they always fall short somewhere.  The ZX2 looks to tick a lot of boxes (especially in battery life and UI) so I think I need to do some more research before I pull the trigger.
Cool.  This player is on Massdrop right now.  It's a shame that the UI is not the best as this would be a very nice player.  Wonder how the new X5-II compares.
Great!  I see a lot of people using WAV firmware.  Is this required?  I have a lot of MP3/FLAC files that I really don't want to convert to WAV. Also how does it sound with your K10U's?  I have custom K10's and I was looking for something that sounds smoother while still being detailed.  I found DX90 bass impact to be good but a bit too boomy and undetailed.
This player looks very interesting!  I like how it compares favourably to both the X5 and the DX90 since I found myself liking but not loving both.  I loved how smooth and textured the X5 sounded but hated how the treble sounded along with how congested it sounded.  For the DX90, I loved the level of detail and wide soundstage but hated how flat it was in return.   It seems to be a very compelling choice to make between the X5-II and the QA360 since the Massdrop is...
Too expensive at this point in time!  Thanks for the offer but I already have both! (minus the interconnect)
  Thanks for the post, that was really informative.  Since I already have endgame CIEM's (K10's) I think I will just save the money and perhaps go for a different flavor in either a different DAP or an amplifer.  Really appreciate the info.
I've actually read almost every single page of this thread but more information is always good.From what it seems that the 120II is better in every way when using the balanced output but I wanted to ask if anyone had anything good to say about running the 100II in balanced mode. So far it doesn't seem so.
Hey guys,   Looking into balanced options but upon doing some research it seems that the AK100II has less power output running in balanced mode?   Is the AK120II that much better of an option when running in balanced?  I just want to know if there are any who have used the AK100II in balanced and let me know how it was.   Also, what balanced cables would you guys recommend?  I was looking into the Linum Balanced cables but would appreciate other options.   Thanks.
As titled!
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