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 Thanks for the impressions!  Its interesting since it seems the HE-560 and the HE-X have some similarities (softish bass, similar soundstage) this definitely might be a good option for me to pick up even if you personally didn't enjoy them at first listen.  I also really enjoy the Audeze (I also really enjoy the midrange) sound and I think I would prefer to keep my 2F's for the time being since I have heard that the LCD-2F and LCD-3F are very similar in tone (though I...
 Wow that sounds surprising.  What did you like more about the 3F over the HE-X?  Maybe I should consider getting the 3F's instead and sell off my 2F's.
 Thanks for the impressions.  Was considering shipping off my K10's and maybe purchasing a Zeus XIV during the Black Friday sale but I still love my K10's too much to do so.  It''s interesting to hear that the Zeus XIV sounds similar to the K10's.  From the initial impressions, it seems that it had a focus on clarity and soundstage.  It's also surprising to hear that the Zeus has more mid-bass slam as well since I already found the K10's to be quite bassy. I feel like you...
 Also curious about this.  I currently have the LCD-2F and I absolutely love them.  Was considering the HE-560 for something more open with more bite.  I hope the HE-X does this though the comments regarding the "soft" bass and sound have me a bit concerned.  Perhaps this isn't the headphone for me?
 You've heard the Zeus XIV?  How do you like it compared to your K10's? I've heard that the A12 sounds very very good and some prefer it to the K10's but honestly already having such a sick set of CIEMs in the K10s makes me happy enough that I am sure it is not worth the incremental upgrade (if there is one).
Subscribed.   Definitely interested.  The HE-1000 is too rich for my blood and I am also curious about the HE-560 versus HE-X.
Still on the fence about this purchase.  Do you guys think the HE-560 complements the LCD-2F enough to own both?   My main goal is to get a bit more treble air, soundstage, and speed for classical music and just faster music in general.  But I'm not sure whether or not this is different enough from the LCD-2F to warrant a purchase.
 Good impressions! I also found myself not really enjoy using the X5II physical controls and much preferred the DX80.  I also enjoy it more than my AK Jr both in tonality and UI (the Jr definitely has a bit of lag).  The awesome sound quality, dual microSD card slots, great battery life, good enough touchscreen, and most importantly the cheap price makes most of us here posting a huge fan of the DX80. That is not to say that the DX80 is a perfect DAP.  I am sure other...
 Great news!  This is getting closer and closer to being one of my favorite purchases in my hi-fi journey.
Thanks for the impressions.  Do you guys think its worth around $100 to get a version with the new connectors?  I'm leaning towards no just because I only plan on changing once.
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