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Reason was I had fit issues on the custom version so I think I'm gonna stick with universals for now. I had demoed the SE846 and felt they were comparable but the K10 was definitely more resolving.
 Thanks for the reply.  Yes I am also eagerly waiting for his review and will probably do some more research before buying. As for the bass on the SE846, I would hope that the white filters would reduce the bass slightly to make it a more balanced sound.  I am a bit worried that it might be too bassy for softer types of music such as classical.
I'm considering buying the SE846 to replace my K10's customs that I recently sold.  It's good to know that while the K10 seems to be a better all around monitor, they can still somewhat compete.   Just wanted to ask if anyone has compared the treble using the white filters with the K10?  I always wanted slightly more treble and subbass on the K10 and I think the SE846 might fit my needs.  Also are the SE846 good with classical music?
Nice pictures.  Looks like an amazing case as always from Dignis.  Think I'm gonna have to pass on the case though since I really like the silicone already.
http://www.head-fi.org/t/794128/jh-audio-jh13-v2   Apparently it features all new drivers and new crossovers.  Comes with a new 4-pin cable from Moon Audio.  Think I will order one this month and see if its any good!
Any plans to include the new JH13v2 in the next shootout?
Looks awesome.  I was considering getting a colored translucent shell instead of the clear but I think that looks pretty boss by itself.  If anyone has anymore pictures of their setup please post them!
Damn looks like a great deal then especially with the extra cable. I mailed customer support and they said I could order it now. Really tempted to do so since one of their retailers in NYC can do my impressions and help me take care of the order. Now I just need to decide on some color schemes. Does anyone have the metal face or carbon fiber and could post some pictures?
Definitely excited to see the new changes. Wonder if pricing will be any different?
Subscribed.  Really interested to read more reviews!   Definitely looks like a good option.  Tough choice between silicone and acrylic however.  All the pictures posted so far look amazing.
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