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Just tried using my AK Jr after a few months of having it sit in its box.   Wow, I am really impressed.  I forgot how good this little piece of kit sounded.  It nails the warm and dry signature thing very well.  Really enjoyable and powerful tonality which seems to be a great match with the SE846.   I remember not really liking the Jr with my K10's previously since the treble performance was mediocre but for some reason even though the 846's have less extension, it...
I think out of all of my audio purchases, the one I miss the most is the AK100II.  I must have bought one from the used market as least twice.  Finally considering buying it new since the ones I had always seemed to have some sort of problem.  It's funny but every DAP seems to have dealbreaking shortcomings except for the Astell and Kern in my personal experience.
 It really is a great combination.  I love how the treble sounds on the DX90.  Also the extra bloom in the bass makes it really enjoyable to listen to pop, EDM, rock.
 I am not familiar with Macs but on Windows, I usually use a third party program to format the card into FAT32.
 Shouldn't be any trick.  You should be able to snap it off with some solid (but not fingernail breaking) pull/force.  No need to use fingernails or anything like that.  Do you have any pictures of the connection area?
I have to agree with HiFiChris.   I love the DX90 pairing with the SE846 due to the treble presentation and the midbass hump which really fills out whats lacking on the Shure.  I love that black background.   However, the DX80 also has a really really enjoyable sound signature.  Smoother sound but just as dynamic with more controlled bass.  Coupled with the better screen and more responsive UI, it's really easy to use on the go or in the office.  I am also a huge fan...
Any initial comparisons to the AK100II?
I actually do own both so any questions you have I can try to answer them.
 Only DX90 has a replaceable battery FYI.
Let me know what you got!  Original accessories and a Dignis case included would be ideal.
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