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 That's a good price.  Where did you find that?
 It seems that everyone who has tried the Calyx M has loved its sound quality and signature which is why its so compelling.  Just not sure if I can drop the money on something that won't even last me a whole round-trip of a commute to work.
 A bit disappointing.  It seems like it would be a complete DAP if it had not awful battery life.  Really curious to see how it sounds but not willing to pay the money for something that seems to have lost all support from Calyx.
Is the 4-5 hour playtime still there with a mix of MP3 and FLAC files?  Also has there been any new firmware for the Calyx in the recent weeks?
After doing some more research, I wound up finally purchasing the SE846.  I got them for $700 new so I am pretty happy with my purchase already since it costs less than half the price of a standard K10.   I can't wait to get them in and try them out!
Still enjoying my DX80 but looking for a new IEM to pair it with.  I was looking into the SE846 but a bit worried about the hissing.   I can hear it when the track starts but its not noticeable when the music starts playing so I don't think it would bother me too much.  Besides the hiss do people think this is a good pairing with each other?  I also have a DX90 which seems to be hiss-free as well but I much prefer the UI/screen/battery life of the DX80.
Reason was I had fit issues on the custom version so I think I'm gonna stick with universals for now. I had demoed the SE846 and felt they were comparable but the K10 was definitely more resolving.
 Thanks for the reply.  Yes I am also eagerly waiting for his review and will probably do some more research before buying. As for the bass on the SE846, I would hope that the white filters would reduce the bass slightly to make it a more balanced sound.  I am a bit worried that it might be too bassy for softer types of music such as classical.
I'm considering buying the SE846 to replace my K10's customs that I recently sold.  It's good to know that while the K10 seems to be a better all around monitor, they can still somewhat compete.   Just wanted to ask if anyone has compared the treble using the white filters with the K10?  I always wanted slightly more treble and subbass on the K10 and I think the SE846 might fit my needs.  Also are the SE846 good with classical music?
Nice pictures.  Looks like an amazing case as always from Dignis.  Think I'm gonna have to pass on the case though since I really like the silicone already.
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