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Personally think the "Val Series" would be perfect.  Short, sweet, and accurate due to the fact that they are signed by the man himself.
  Wow thanks a ton.  Will definitely try this once I get home from work.  Really appreciate it!
Well since Val just gave us some news on the M100's I decided to do some snooping around.  Do you guys think they would be able to put this on the sides?         I was also considering getting green shields and having a "koopa shell" design but from what I've seen so far from all the images, the image doesn't take up the whole area which would detract a lot from the design.
I've owned the MC5's before and let me tell you they isolate extremely well.  It also helps that the build quality is really good.  It also seems to match your preference of a very neutral and analytical sound.  However the problem I had with them was that the music was a bit too analytical at times which took away from the experience.  But I still think that they are worth the money for your needs.
OP, I'm really going to have to recommend the V-MODA M80's.  It's such a shame too since you just missed a great deal they had on Amazon where they went as low as $166 bucks.  However, they're definitely worth the $200 bucks if you want a new pair.   As for the sound, it has everything you're looking for in a headphone with clear highs/mids and a kickin' bass.  Very punchy with good extension.  Isolation is so-so but looks are second to none.  If you have a chance I...
Val, I personally love the Phantom Chrome.  Though my number one preference would be the Matte Black, the Phantom Chrome provides a really nice contrast to the other models.  Having the glossy finish will definitely look really cool especially with the difference colored shields and graphics that will be added later on.  It's important to have base models that are just plain different from the others instead of just slight differences in the color scheme.   My only...
  What do you think of having the line "Small Box, Big Sound"?
I recommend the Shure SRH840's Meiju.   Owning a pair myself, these are my main gaming/music headphones.  They are a very neutral pair of headphones with great detail.  They play the music exactly as it was meant to be recorded.  The bass is very responsive but doesn't have much impact but when I play games such as Counterstrike: Global Offensive, I can hear gunshots and footsteps very well.  The soundstage isn't the biggest in the world but the isolation and comfort...
  Thanks for the suggestions mate.  I am not really a basshead but after trying out the M80's I was really surprised at how balanced the sound was.  My ideal headphone would be one with good bass that doesn't sacrifice quality or volume in the mids/highs.  I will definitely do some research on the above mentioned though.
After two weeks of using my M80's, the earpads are still too painful to use for more than 2 hours so I decided to return them.  I will have for a month or two without having the V-MODA sound which makes me kind of sad.  Are there any other headphones you guys can think of that have a similar detail/bass quantity/bass quality?
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