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Yep still for sale!  Bump with pictures!
Just got my LCD-X's this week.  I really enjoy them so far.  Definitely prefer them to the LCD-2F overall but honestly I also kind of miss the sweet lush sound of the LCD-2F.  I can't wait to spend more head time with the LCD-X once I get some more free time.
 A genre of music called Electronic Dance Music. On a side-note, my LCD-X's were supposed to come in today.  I signed off on them through the UPS website but apparently they ignored it and didn't leave it at my house anyways. Now I have to wait till Monday to get them.  Should have just had them drop it off a UPS location the first place..
 Touchscreen.  I HATE the X5II's scroll wheel.  The scroll wheel takes forever to scroll through all my music and isn't very accurate at all.  I much prefer touchscreen even though I love the idea of the scroll wheel.  People say you can use folder view and set up some A-Z folders but I don't really like that since a lot of the times I like to just scroll. I would point out the other differences but they are both so close in regards to build quality, battery life, sound...
Subscribed.  Like the others in the thread, I hope the pricing will be reasonable!   Just taking a quick peek at the specs it looks very similar to the P1 already.  Same size screen, same memory, same DAC chip and almost identical measurements.  Curious to see how this will stack up.
I usually get around 8 to 9 hours or so playing a mix of MP3 and FLAC. I don't really notice that much discharge when the player is off. To me its probably so small that I would always expect it to have a consistent 8 hours.For your use I would probably say charging once a week should be good enough for one hour per day.
 Definitely give it some more time.  It sounds to me like you might not be used to the smoother slightly laid back signature relative to the DX90. Curious to hear more impressions!
 Awesome picture.  Looks really shiny and purple.  A bit too much for my tastes but I bet it looks way nicer in person though.
Definitely agree!  I kind of want to just bite the bullet so I can try them out.  Have to control my urge to spend all that money on a whim though its getting harder and harder.
 I definitely agree with what you're saying.  I actually talked with my dealer (headphones are an addiction anyways) and I am planning on returning the LCD-2F for the either the LCD-3F or the HE-X. I can't wait for more impressions to come out about these phones!  From what it seems so far, the HE-X is pretty similar to the HE-1000 with perhaps less microdetail but slightly warmer sound and more musical (?).  Might be interesting to try something new.  Or I can just go...
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