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 5 hour battery life!  Dang that's a huge bummer.  I would mostly be using these with IEM's so I could probably run it in "low power" mode but I think that kind of defeats the purpose of having such a powerful player?  Curious to hear how it sounds though since your description makes it a good sell.
 Big statement!  Do you have more sound/quality of life comparisons between your other players (particularly the DX90 and ZX1)?  It looks like such a nice unit. Do you have a battery life estimate for it?  Is the UI that bad that you can't browse Artist -> Album -> Songs?  Also I read that the build quality didn't really seem that solid?
 It does for a while but it only lasts for a few weeks again before they get really loose.
 Did the Plenue 1 come with that case?
 Flip a coin!  Then once you get a result, depending on how you feel, you should know which one you really want to keep. 
 Nice impressions.  I love how the new AK players sound since they are so smooth, natural, effortless, and supremely clear.  However, while they sound very transparent, they definitely don't have the best low end impact on their players. Glad to see you sold your AK240 so fast since it was definitely priced very fairly.  Curious to hear some more impressions once you listen to the ZX2 a bit longer since this DAP has been on my radar for a while.
 Thanks for your consideration.  I am way past the 30 day period for reshelling but the issue of the loose connection has only come up within the past couple of weeks.  I think I will also try to get some different cables and see how they fit.  Hopefully this will resolve the issue.
 Sadly this happens with both Noble and aftermarket cables for myself as well so I'm leaning more towards the issue in the connection housing.  Let me know if you find a cable that works better.
 Me neither.  I ordered another Noble cable (clear) to see if it would fix the issue but its not in yet.  I will try to email them regarding my issue.  Thanks for your input.
 Thanks for the info.  I kind of agree that the AK100II isn't warm but neither is it cold.  I am OK with the slight loss in transparency for the better volume wheel (I always felt that the wheel while feeling solid was still too flimsy for day to day commutes) but was hoping for something with slightly more low end.  Seems like the Junior fills a good gap in the AK lineup even if it doesn't meet my own needs completely.
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