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Hey WiR3D,   I couldn't help but notice this bit here:     The 550's seem to only have positive reviews so far from what I have seen so could you elaborate?  It's always interesting to hear the other side of the story since I generally observe that the K550's were just closed versions of the Q701.
    Since the cord was coiled, it was a bit obnoxious for use outside.  The jack is also a bit big for smaller portable devices such as maybe an iPod nano or Sansa Clip+.  If the coiled cable is a problem I know Shure also sells a straight cable which you can easily replace since the cables are detachable.  When I did use it on the NYC Subway, it wasn't the cord that was the problem but rather the weight of the headphones.  I wouldn't recommend them for use if you are...
  Hey there Acix.   I actually had the pleasure of reading your review when it first came out a couple of years back and have been wondering ever since if I had made the right choice in going for the SRH840's instead of the Maestro's.   Now that my SRH840's are gone would you still recommend today the 8.35's as a neutral, detailed, and clear headphone?  Have you had a chance to compare them to the Shure's?
I have personally owned the SRH840 for about 3 years and I gave away my pair to an aunt just recently.  They were amazing and served me extremely well.  They isolate extremely well and for me, they were extremely comfortable that I could wear them for 8+ hours daily.  However, this took some time and initially they might be a bit too harsh in clamping force until they conform to your head.  Also, the headphones are a bit heavy but I would say the weight is split between...
Congrats man.  They are definitely worth every penny to my ears as they offer supreme isolation and great clarity and detail at that price range.  Not to mention they are very durable for me since I absolutely abuse my headphones (note this includes sporadic yanking and occasionally stepping on them) and they are still working after 1+ year.
Actually, I'm also in the same situation as you.  I would love a portable pair of headphones that has a pretty good bass that doesn't overpower the rest of the music.   So far from my research I have found that these cans might be able to do the job: ATH PRO700MK2 V-MODA M80 Sennheiser HD25-II AIAIAI TMA-1 (also Studio version)   I have previously owned the V-MODA M80's and I absolutely loved them.  They were exactly what I was looking for in a pair of...
Does anyone else own a pair of these?  Really interested in purchasing them if they have similar SQ and Bass to the V-MODA M80's.
Personally think the "Val Series" would be perfect.  Short, sweet, and accurate due to the fact that they are signed by the man himself.
  Wow thanks a ton.  Will definitely try this once I get home from work.  Really appreciate it!
Well since Val just gave us some news on the M100's I decided to do some snooping around.  Do you guys think they would be able to put this on the sides?         I was also considering getting green shields and having a "koopa shell" design but from what I've seen so far from all the images, the image doesn't take up the whole area which would detract a lot from the design.
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