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Hey there fellow headfiers.   I recently had a pair of Shure SRH840's that have served me extremely well over the past 3 years.  But alas I gave them to a relative that was visiting from the west coast since they really enjoyed them so I thought it would be a prime time for an upgrade in term's of closed headphones.  I have done a lot of research the past few weeks and I have a couple of headphones in mind that might see to be what I am looking for.   My budget...
  That's very interesting to hear since I've only seen positive reviews about the AKG's on head-fi.  Could you perhaps be more specific?  For example what did you like about the HD-25 better than the K550?  Which headphone had the better detail and instrument separation?
  Woops sorry for missing that.  I was under the impression that the lower end AKG model's (<$100) don't need amps from what I have read so far.  But I am definitely not an expert in that regard since the only AKG headphone I have heard was the K701 (which to my ears sounded fine without an amp).
  They are definitely good for the price but I was coming from a pair of RE0's which was definitely much more musical and warm in comparison.  I am definitely not hating on the Etymotic brand as I now own and primarily use the HF2 which I love.
  Thanks alot for that.  It helps to have some reference.  I'm assuming you power it with the FiiO E11?
The Etymotic MC5's were really disappointing.  They sounded too analytical and boring.  I immediately hated them from when I first tried them on though the fit/isolation and detail was very good for the price and the build quality was top notch.
  Hey PurpleAngel,   Don't mean to hijack this thread but it seems like the ATH-A900/900x would be pretty good for gaming.  I was looking through reviews and it seems that Audio Technica cans are kind of rarely recommended besides the M50 and the A700/AD700.  Your posts kept popping up since I was looking for information on the A900/900x.  How would you rate the headphones compared to the others that you own or have owned?  From what I gather is that they have good mids...
OP, I would try looking into the AKG line of headphones since from what I have read they seem to do very well with classical music due to their great detail, instrument seperation, and soundstage.  However, most of the models that seem to be worth getting are over $100 dollars.  Hopefully you find what you are looking for.
Hey WiR3D,   I couldn't help but notice this bit here:     The 550's seem to only have positive reviews so far from what I have seen so could you elaborate?  It's always interesting to hear the other side of the story since I generally observe that the K550's were just closed versions of the Q701.
    Since the cord was coiled, it was a bit obnoxious for use outside.  The jack is also a bit big for smaller portable devices such as maybe an iPod nano or Sansa Clip+.  If the coiled cable is a problem I know Shure also sells a straight cable which you can easily replace since the cables are detachable.  When I did use it on the NYC Subway, it wasn't the cord that was the problem but rather the weight of the headphones.  I wouldn't recommend them for use if you are...
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