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  I see your point but for me personally I would get the M100 just solely for the fact that it is circumaural.  I loved the sound that came from the M80's but in the end they hurt too much to use since they were supra-aural.   I do find it hard to justify spending an extra 100 bucks for just a slight upgrade in SQ though.
  Oh I didn't know that you wore glasses.  I don't have any experience with the other headphones that you mentioned so I can't offer feedback.  For the V-MODA M80's, I can say that the clamping force is less but that they are heavier and made of harder material meaning the clamping may still be an issue.  I would do some more research on the M80's, DT1350's, and the P5's since I don't have much experience with those except for the V-MODA's.
In terms of comfort you really can't go wrong with the HD25's.  They are extremely light and though the clamping force is strong, the pads are very nice.   The V-Moda's had a clamping force as well which definitely hurt more than the HD25's to my large-ish ears.  However, I enjoyed the sound more from the M80's but that could be due to the fact that my HD25's were faulty (one side had no sound after a couple of days) and didn't have adequate burn in time.   If...
  That's good to know roBernd.  Thank's for the information.  It's definitely nice to hear some criticisms of the K550 since they are a top contender for an upgrade to my SRH840's.  How do you feel about the bass quality/quantity of the K550 in comparison to the HD25?
  I feel like vocals are where the SRH840's really shine.  The sound signature is slightly warm but mostly neutral.  I wouldn't say its sterile/analytical but just very natural.  Of course they aren't as natural as open headphones.  They do fairly well with acoustic music but the soundstage is a bit lacking but I feel that the bass could definitely have more punch.  They can definitely handle fast songs very well but perhaps not the that I have heard.  Overall I can't...
Hey there fellow headfiers.   I recently had a pair of Shure SRH840's that have served me extremely well over the past 3 years.  But alas I gave them to a relative that was visiting from the west coast since they really enjoyed them so I thought it would be a prime time for an upgrade in term's of closed headphones.  I have done a lot of research the past few weeks and I have a couple of headphones in mind that might see to be what I am looking for.   My budget...
  That's very interesting to hear since I've only seen positive reviews about the AKG's on head-fi.  Could you perhaps be more specific?  For example what did you like about the HD-25 better than the K550?  Which headphone had the better detail and instrument separation?
  Woops sorry for missing that.  I was under the impression that the lower end AKG model's (<$100) don't need amps from what I have read so far.  But I am definitely not an expert in that regard since the only AKG headphone I have heard was the K701 (which to my ears sounded fine without an amp).
  They are definitely good for the price but I was coming from a pair of RE0's which was definitely much more musical and warm in comparison.  I am definitely not hating on the Etymotic brand as I now own and primarily use the HF2 which I love.
  Thanks alot for that.  It helps to have some reference.  I'm assuming you power it with the FiiO E11?
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